What is a Stratocaster Plus Top?

What is a Stratocaster Plus Top?

In terms of hardware the Plus Top is definitely a Standard Strat. Three single coil pickups are controlled by a single volume control and a pair of independent tone controls plus a five-way pickup selector. The vibrato works well and the guitar stays in tune unless you get really carried away.

What is Fender Plus?

Building on the blueprint of their impressive Player series, Fender’s new — and vastly improved — Player Plus series introduces high-powered noiseless electronics, hardware optimizations, and stunning finishes to form instruments that sound just as exquisite as they look.

What is a Strat SSS?

SSS is the standard pickup configuration for a Strat. Its main selling point is the tone of the 2nd and 4th switch positions. An HSS Strat is great for those who want a warmer darker bridge pickup with more output. The HSH config is the most versatile one, especially if the humbuckers are coil splittable.

How much is the Fender Player Plus?

The Fender Player Plus Precision Bass arrives in Silver Smoke, Cosmic Jade, Three-Color Sunburst and Olympic Pearl, and is available for $1,049.

Can you gig with a Fender player?

You should be proud to gig with any Fender.

Are player plus Strats good?

MusicRadar verdict: With a choice of bold and smart new finishes and the high-performance vibe of a flatter fingerboard radius, the Player Plus Series Strat and Tele extends the potential of Fender’s most successful range and offers gigging players an instrument that offers classic Fender tones and the ability to …

Is SSS or HSS better?

So to sum it up, HSS is way more versatile and SSS is the classic simpler choice. HSS might be better for metal and hard rock due to having a humbucker. And the SSS is the classic option for country, blues, and funk.

Is Fender Player Plus made in USA?

First of all, these models are all built in Fender’s Ensenada factory in Mexico. This means that they’re among some of the most affordable guitars and basses produced by the brand.

Where are the new Fender player series made?

The Fender Player Series – Mexican-made Glory Designed in the US, built in Mexico, these guitars offer the real Fender experience at slightly more budget-friendly prices. Most Fender Player Series guitars cost between 500-750$ new, and similar Mexican Fenders often range between 300-600$.