Where Did not my circus not my monkeys come from?

Where Did not my circus not my monkeys come from?

This is a Polish expression, Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy, which translates literally to “Not my circus, not my monkey.” In the original Polish, there is one lone mischievous monkey, instead of a plural number of monkeys. Otherwise, the Polish saying has the same words and meaning as the English adaptation.

What does not my circus not my monkeys but the clowns definitely know me mean?

There’s an old polish proverb ‘not my circus, not my monkeys’. At its roughest it is a way of saying, ‘not my problem’. It’s a statement that rejects responsibility for both the problem and what will follow. Subtly, or with a shrug stating; this is your chaos and your actions.

In which country do locals use the phrase not my circus not my monkeys when they mean not my problem?

In addition to the surge in Polish restaurants in many countries, many Polish idioms are becoming popular. Here are 10 of the more colourful and fun Polish idioms. “Not my circus, not my monkeys” – This colourful Polish expression that basically means “it is not my problem” has become popular worldwide.

What is the saying about monkeys and circus?

Servants of Excellence. There’s a Polish proverb which millennials often use today: “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” It’s a way of saying, “Don’t drag me into your drama and your issues—I’m not getting involved.” My daughter used this phrase once and it captured me, because Jesus used this thinking often.

What does not my monkeys mean?

Phrase. not my circus, not my monkeys. (colloquial) It’s none of my business; indicates that one is not responsible for controlling or changing a volatile or delicate situation.

Where did the term monkey on your back come from?

Often, to have a monkey on one’s back means to have an addiction that one can not control, or to be addicted to drugs or suffering withdrawal from a drug addiction. The origin of this idiom may be the stories of Sinbad, the earliest known works are from the seventeenth century.

How do you say not my problem nicely?

How to navigate the “not my problem” problem

  1. I’m not ready to acknowledge my contribution.
  2. I’m not willing to acknowledge my contribution because of something you’re saying or doing.
  3. I don’t like the way you’ve named the problem.
  4. I can’t fix the problem as you’ve defined it.
  5. I really do think it’s all your problem.

Can’t get the monkey off my back meaning?

: to remove or solve a problem that has been difficult to get rid of or solve : to get rid of a problem or situation that makes one unhappy and that lasts for a long time He finally got the monkey off his back and kicked his drug addiction.

What does it mean to have a monkey on your shoulder?

It means that the individual who gets the monkey must act the next moves without risks to the company, themselves, or to you as their supervisor. This is often about a sufficiently small and safe next move – just to be sure that you don’t end up with the monkey.

What does it mean when someone says its not my problem?

be not (one’s) problem To not be one’s responsibility, duty, or concern; to not be something one cares about or intends to be involved with.

What does that’s not my problem mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishit’s/that’s not my problemit’s/that’s not my problemspoken used to say rudely that you are not responsible for dealing with a particular problem and are not willing to help ‘We’ve got a serious staffing shortage. ‘ ‘That’s not my problem.