What breeds make a munsterlander?

What breeds make a munsterlander?

The History of the Large Munsterlander His ancestor was the German Longhaired Pointer, which was crossed with various Spaniels. The result was the Large Munsterlander, which, for a time, was a popular hunting dog throughout Europe.

How much is a munsterlander dog?

Small Munsterlanders can be an expensive breed to purchase. If you want a purebred Small Munsterlander, you can expect the dog to cost anywhere from $1,500 to $1,800. Certain puppies from notorious lineages may even cost more.

Is the Small Munsterlander a good dog?

The Small Munsterlander is self-confident and adaptable. Although he’s best suited to a hunting home, the mild-mannered and good-natured dog is highly affectionate and makes a great family companion.

Is Small Munsterlander a spaniel?

The Small Münsterländer is recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale under Group 7, Section 1.2, Continental Pointing Dogs of Spaniel type, by the American Kennel Club as a Foundation Stock Service breed, and by The Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club as a gun dog.

How big is a munsterlander?

Male: 20–23 inches50–58 cm
Female: 19–22 inches48–56 cm
Small Münsterländer/Height

What group is munsterlander?

Foundation Stock Service ProgramSmall Münsterländer / Family

How much is a Large Munsterlander?

You can expect to pay an average of $1,400–$1,500 in the US for one puppy. Some breeders even charge $1,700–$1,800 based on the pedigree of the sire and dam (male and female). This price tag does not include other expenses like food, vaccines, and vet exams.

What is the smallest gun dog?

The small Munsterlander – the smallest German pointing dog – is a breed separate from the large Munsterlander, not merely a size variant. Both breeds are skilled pointers, trackers, and retrievers, but their temperament, conformation and coat colors differ.

How much exercise does a munsterlander need?

Over two hours of exercise a day is necessary to keep these dogs entertained and to prevent them becoming bored, which can lead to behavioural problems for any dog.

What does a Large Munsterlander dog look like?

Large Munsterlanders are either black or blue roan with white, while the smaller version is brown (liver) and white or liver roan. The Large Munsterlander adult dog stands at 60-65cm and weighs about 25-29kg, and females are 58-63cm and around 25kg.

How big is a Large Munsterlander?

Male: 24–26 inches60–65 cm
Female: 23–25 inches58–63 cm
Large Münsterländer/Height

How do you groom a Large Munsterlander?

Large Munsterlanders require little in the way of grooming – a weekly comb and brush over will suffice. Their feathering on the ears, front and hind legs and tail will need the occasional tidying up. Excess hair between the pads on the feet should be trimmed when necessary.

What is the easiest gun dog to train?

The facts are simple. The easiest dog to train and manage for a first time gundog owner is very often a Labrador Retriever.

At what age should you start training a gundog?

If your gundog puppy is confident you should be able to start at about seven to eight months of age. If she is timid then leave things until she is a year old. Gundog trainers usually wait until the dog is eight months old when hearing has developed properly.

How do you break a gun shy dog?

First start out with a blank gun until they get used to it. You can slowly introduce them to louder guns as they become more comfortable with the blast. This prevents the dog from being scared of the loud noises. Here is an example of a situation with a dog that belongs to a good friend of mine.

What kind of dog is a Munsterlander?

About the Breed The Small Munsterlander is a versatile hunting dog and natural retriever with a medium range, solid pointing instinct, and strong desire for the water. He has excellent tracking abilities for all types of work after the shot. These qualities are enhanced by intelligence and trainability.

Where did the Small Munsterlander pointing dog come from?

Nevertheless, the true origin of the Small Munsterlander Pointing Dogs has not been proven. In addition to being a tireless hunter and tracker, the Munster was developed to double as the family pet and watchdog. The Munsters of today do far more than just hunt.

Are Munsters the best house dogs?

Although Munsters are probably the best house dogs of all the versatile breeds, they were bred to work and need a “job” for good health and happiness. Most importantly, Munsters require regular, off-lead exercise.

How long does it take for a Munsterlander dog to mature?

This breed is relatively slow to mature: It’s not until they reach two years of age that most Small Munsterlanders are mentally adult. It’s important to be prepared for at least one year of a strong, muscular, fully grown dog with the brain of a teenager.