What does worthwhile mean definition?

What does worthwhile mean definition?

being worth the time or effort spent
Definition of worthwhile 1 : being worth the time or effort spent worthwhile preparations. 2 : worthy sense 1 a worthwhile cause. Other Words from worthwhile More Example Sentences Learn More About worthwhile.

Is worthwhile a positive word?

From winning to wise, there are dozens of positive words that start with W….Words Beginning With W That Have 6 or More Letters.

Word Definition Synonyms
worthwhile (adj.) important enough to warrant an investment of time and energy worth it

How do you use worthwhile?

Worthwhile sentence example

  1. It was worthwhile to pursue the ghost writer.
  2. It was worthwhile to contribute.
  3. As with all the best presents, the wait was definitely worthwhile .
  4. I’d like to think we were doing something worthwhile instead of wasting our time on pointless errands.

What is another synonym for worthwhile?

Words related to worthwhile advantageous, beneficial, constructive, excellent, good, important, invaluable, justifiable, lucrative, productive, profitable, rewarding, useful, valuable, worthy, estimable, gainful, meritorious, paying, priceless.

What is a worthwhile experience?

If something is worthwhile, it is enjoyable or useful, and worth the time, money, or effort that is spent on it. adj oft it v-link ADJ to-inf.

What is worthwhile in life?

Happiness, all would agree, seems to be the key of a life well-lived. A fair measure of what makes life worthwhile for us would then be what makes us really happy! But even more important than that is to believe that there is a reason and a purpose to life and you can contribute something to that purpose.

What wunderkind means?

a child prodigy
Definition of wunderkind : a child prodigy also : one who succeeds in a competitive or highly difficult field or profession at an early age.

What is difference between worth and worthwhile?

To be worth it means ‘to be of reasonable or good value for the price’: A business class ticket cost £2,000, but it was worth it for such a long flight. It was very comfortable. We use worthwhile before a noun (as an attributive adjective) or after verbs such as be, seem, look (as a predicative adjective).

How do you say professional not worth it?

not worth it

  1. fruitless.
  2. futile.
  3. unpleasant.
  4. ungrateful.
  5. barren.
  6. disagreeable.
  7. distasteful.
  8. miserable.

How do you say worth it in a nice way?

Exhilarating, soul-satisfying, rewarding, enriching, challenging, stupendous, enthralling, meritorious, ennobling, character-building, gratifying, strengthening, mind-bending, —-these probably need another word to give the full meaning you are seeking, but they may be useful starting points.

Is Worth the Effort?

If you say that something is worth the effort, you mean that it will justify the energy that you have spent or will spend on it. Fortunately, the chore of leaf sweeping is well worth the effort.

What are some things worthwhile?

Financial, spiritual and emotional generosity.

  • Knowing when it’s someone else’s day.
  • Acting without ulterior motives.
  • Depersonalizing disappointments.
  • Listening to new music.
  • Challenging yourself to finish that book you’ve been picking up and putting down for six months.
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