Is the potato on the Idaho potato truck real?

Is the potato on the Idaho potato truck real?

All jokes aside, the giant potato is real… well, it’s not a real potato, it’s the retired spokespotato of the Idaho Potato Commission’s Big Idaho Potato Tour – and you can stay the night inside of it!

Is the Famous Idaho Potato Tour real?

Some people may be fooled, but I’m not. That giant Idaho potato that has been touring the country isn’t real.

Is the 4 ton potato real?

It’s a 72-foot long flatbed trailer featuring a 28-foot long, 10-foot wide and 11.5-foot tall, 4 ton Idaho potato — and though it looks like the real deal, according to a video on the Big Idaho Potato’s website, the “potato” was sculpted using Styrofoam and is largely made of steel infrastructure and fiberglass “skin.”

Who is the man in the Idaho Potato commercial?

Mark Coombs
The potato game has been good to Mark Coombs and his family, and he’s been sure to pay back to the industry when and where he can. Coombs is perhaps best known as the face of Idaho potato growers in the Idaho Potato Commission’s series of commercials that have run on national television the past three years.

Is the potato hotel real?

ABOUT Big Idaho Potato Hotel This is a hotel is made from the recycled Idaho Potato Commission’s Big Idaho Potato Tour. It’s a 6-ton potato that has been strapped to the back of a semi and driven through 7 states. This retired potatoes final resting place is on 400 acres of farmland in Boise, Idaho.

How much does it cost to stay in the world’s largest potato?

Towels, bed sheets, soap, and toilet paper are provided for each guest. You and a friend can stay in the potato for $200 a night plus a service fee and a cleaning fee.

Can you visit a potato farm in Idaho?

Many of the potato farms across Idaho are family-owned; in fact we visited a potato farm at the James Joff Farm and had a lovely farm to fork dinner there.

What state has the biggest potato?

Idaho is the largest potato producing state in the US. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th potato producers in the US are Washington, Wisconsin, Oregon, and North Dakota respectively….The Top 10 Potato Producing States In The US.

Rank US State Potato Production in thousand centum weight
1 Idaho 134,850
2 Washington 99,220
3 Wisconsin 29,750
4 Oregon 25,245

What is the largest potato on record?

The current record for the world’s heaviest potato is held by Nottinghamshire vegetable grower, Peter Glazebrook for a spud weighing 4.98 kg. Colin he still keeps the tuber, which he has named Dug, in his freezer.

Who drives the Idaho potato truck?

Melissa Bradford
Melissa Bradford is the driver of the Kenworth T680, which transports the Big Idaho Potato. Eight years ago, in an effort to boost awareness of Idaho-grown potatoes, the IPC developed its iconic ‘Big Idaho Potato.

What is a potato truck?

Technically — meaning, according to the State Patrol — trucks were to have wipers, windows, headlights, mufflers. Amazing is the revelation, to know first-hand what a vehicle can do without, when the task at hand is to remove the surface of the earth, extract the potatoes, then put back the dirt. Most of it anyway.

How much does it cost to stay in the world’s biggest potato?