Who was the first Transporter?

Who was the first Transporter?

Frank Martin

Character information
Full name: Frank Martin Jr.
Alias: The Transporter
Title/rank: Sgt
Nationality: English

Who is the leading man in Transporter?

Jason Statham
Chris Vance was cast as the male lead and Andrea Osvart as the female lead in Transporter, Cinemax’s 12-episode action series based on Luc Besson’s Transporter film franchise. The series centers on professional transporter Frank Martin (Vance), a role played in the movies by Jason Statham.

How many Transporter movies was Jason Statham in?

Transporter (French: Le Transporteur) is a French action thriller film franchise, comprising four films released between 2002 and 2015, and a television series. Jason Statham plays Frank Martin in the first three movies, a professional freelance courier driver for hire.

Why did Jason Statham leave Transporter?

“I just couldn’t see the value in that.” But they wanted me to sign on and do three more films without even seeing a script, and they offered me less money to do three than I’d get paid for one!” Statham told Vulture in an interview. “So it was a business decision.

Is Jason Statham British or Australian?

Jason Statham (/ˈsteɪθəm/; born 26 July 1967) is an English actor. He is known for action-thriller films and portraying tough, irredeemable, and machiavellian characters.

Which Transporter is the best?

Today, we’ll take a look at every Transporter movie, ranked worst to best.

  • The Transporter Refueled fails to surpass the original trilogy. EuropaCorp.
  • Transporter 3 is lucrative but comparatively lackluster.
  • Transporter 2 is a worthy follow-up to the original.
  • The first Transporter movie is still in the driver’s seat.

Why is Jason Statham not acting?

Why did Jason Statham drop out? Sources told Deadline the actor had some creative differences with the studio, including wanting the movie to be rated R. Sony reportedly wanted a PG-13 rating more friendly to a November Thanksgiving holiday release date.

Is Jason Statham done acting?

He was credited as a co-producer on Hobbs & Shaw, receiving his first production credit. Statham’s acting has been criticised for lacking depth and variety, but he has also been praised for leading the resurgence of action films during the 2000s and 2010s….

Jason Statham
Children 2

What is the difference between a VW T6 and T6 1?

The ‘. 1’ was added to the Transporter T6 name when the model was facelifted. On the styling front, that means the current Transporter T6. 1 has a different front grille and bumper to the previous T6, and narrower headlights that merge distinctively with the crossbar running through the front grille.