Where are all the orbs in Guacamelee?

Where are all the orbs in Guacamelee?


  • First Orb. The First Orb available is found at the bottom of Juan’s house in the Agave Fields. You must go to the bottom level and activate your Pollo Power.
  • Third Orb. The Third Orb can be obtained in the Tree Tops area.
  • Fourth Orb. The Fourth is found in Forest de Chivo.
  • Fifth Orb. The Fifth Orb is in Sierra Morena.

Does Guacamelee have multiple endings?

You will be surprised that Guacamelee! has an alternated ending too. In order to unlock it you need to collect five of the six orbs or mask pieces. You will get the last one from the final boss in the game. This will also give you the Flying Chicken ability.

How do you get the goat to fly in Guacamelee?

Goat Climb up the middle walls to switch sides. Use Goat Climb to jump between these next pillars. Go all the way to the left side, where you will find the final Choozo Statue. This one will give you the Goat Fly Technique, letting you shoot horizontally from a straight vertical surface.

How do you get Pollo bomb in Guacamelee?

In Order to unlock the Pollo Bomb you need to earn 10 Silver Medals. Once you have them, the game will tell you “You hear a rumbling in the distance”. Go to the very bottom of the Challenge building where the silver door is now unlocked. Collect the Pollo Bomb and kill an enemy with it (become a chicken and press B/O.

Will there be a Guacamelee 3?

When asked about another sequel, Smith explained that “Guacamelee 3 is not off the table, but there are no plans” right now.

How do you break purple blocks in Guacamelee?

Purple blocks are broken by the Pollo Bomb ability, which you can find after completing 10 challenges with a silver medal in the El Infierno level.

How do you get the true ending in Guacamelee?

The normal ending is not fake, it is just sadder then the good ending but enough of that: You get the good/other ending if you manage to collect all orbs hidden in the world of Chac Mool. In total there are six orbs. Five you have to find during playing and the last one you get after defeating the endboss.

How do I get to the Great Temple Guacamelee?

From the edge of Sierra Morena, fly off the vertical wall towards the large mouth showing the entrance to the Final Dungeon, the Great Temple. Run right past the Checkpoint and deal with the hammer-wielding Skeleton enemy. Climb up to the Arena and be faced with some shielded Yellow Skeletons.

What does laying an egg do in Guacamelee 2?

When you reach Isla Bonita, use the western door to head to Tule Treetops Top. Now you need to get past the guard there. You do that by laying eggs, an ability which can only be acquired once you defeat the chicken in the dungeon of Infierno.

What do the eggs do in Guacamelee?

This ability allows Chicken Juan to lay up to three eggs that explode. Its only use is to break certain blocks hidden around the world, however, it can be used for combat, giving the player the “Over Easy!” combo message. In Guacamelee!

How many players is Guacamelee?

Four player
Four player local, drop-in/drop-out co-op is supported throughout the campaign. Friends can jump in at any Four player local, drop-in/drop-out co-op is supported in the campaign once the first player reaches a certain part about 15 to 20 minutes into it.

How do I get Pollo power?

This achievement is unlocked by becoming a chicken, as per the curse laid upon Juan by Calaca.