Who is the best TNA wrestler of all time?

Who is the best TNA wrestler of all time?

The 10 Best TNA Wrestlers Ever, According To Ranker.com

  1. 1 AJ Styles. Ranker readers got it right by voting AJ Styles as the greatest overall wrestler in TNA history.
  2. 2 Bobby Roode.
  3. 3 Kurt Angle.
  4. 4 Gail Kim.
  5. 5 Christian Cage.
  6. 6 Abyss.
  7. 7 Jeff Hardy.
  8. 8 Sting.

Is TNA wrestling still on TV?

The show ceased airing new televised events after the edition of November 19 of Impact Wrestling, with the final episodes of 2014 being dedicated to Best of TNA clip shows, before resuming events on January 7, 2015 with a live show from The Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom in New York City.

Did TNA ever beat Raw in ratings?

The Big Reasons TNA Impact Was Destroyed By WWE Raw in the Ratings. 0.8. The lowest television rating for TNA since 2006. Despite a main event featuring former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy, and a show centered around wrestling’ s most famous name, Hulk Hogan, TNA Impact was destroyed by WWE’s Raw.

What channel is TNA wrestling on now?

The show currently airs on AXS TV in the U.S as well as a free simulcast on Twitch.

Who is the longest reigning TNA Champion?

Bobby Roode
Impact World Championship

First champion(s) Kurt Angle
Most reigns Kurt Angle (6 reigns)
Longest reign Bobby Roode (1st reign, 256 days)
Shortest reign Josh Alexander (1st reign, 3 minutes)

Who is the best AEW wrestlers?

The Definitive AEW Wrestlers List: The Top 30 You Need to Watch

  • Kenny Omega. kennyomegamanx. View profile.
  • Adam Page. hangmanadampage. View profile.
  • CM Punk. cmpunk.
  • Bryan Danielson. bryanldanielson.
  • 5 & 6. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)
  • Jon Moxley. jonmoxley.
  • Chris Jericho. chrisjerichofozzy.
  • Darby Allin. darbyallin.

Why did TNA change its name?

Russo states that he coined the name “Total Nonstop Action”, the initials of the company “TNA” being a play on “T&A”. The original intention, as they were exclusive to pay-per-view, was to be viewed as an edgier product than WWE.

Who is the TNA world champion right now?

Josh Alexander is the current champion in his second reign, having won it on April 23, 2022, at Rebellion against Moose. Overall, there have been 56 reigns shared among 32 wrestlers, with six vacancies….Names.

Name Years
Impact World Championship March 16, 2021 – present