What tools do I need to install laminate flooring?

What tools do I need to install laminate flooring?


  1. Jigsaw.
  2. Oscillating Saw.
  3. Tape Measure.
  4. Level.
  5. Caulk Gun.
  6. Safety Glasses.
  7. Tapping Block.
  8. Hammer.

What can I use instead of a pull bar for laminate flooring?

An alternative to the basic pull bar is a Lam-Hammer. This simple tool consists of a handle, a hook and a slide hammer that pulls together flooring much quicker and easier than swinging a hammer near a finished wall.

Do you need a mallet for laminate flooring?

What Tools do I Need to Lay Laminate Flooring? A standard fitting kit with tools for laminate flooring will contain a pull bar, a tapping block and some spacer wedges. To this, you’ll need to add a rubber mallet.

What’s the best tool to cut laminate flooring with?

Jigsaw + special Laminate Cutting Blades The jigsaw is the best power tool to use to cut laminate floors with for a few reasons. It’s light, important because you’ll be picking it up all day. Also, the best blades are cheap.

Do you cut the tongue off the first row of laminate?

We recommend cutting off the tongue on this first row to avoid any problem with the expansion gap. Insert the second plank into the first at an angle pressing the short ends together; then press it down. Repeat the same procedure down the row.

Can a beginner install laminate flooring?

You can easily lay DIY laminate floors in almost every room in your home, including kitchens, since it doesn’t have to be glued down and doesn’t involve grout or mortar. Planks can be cut with a hand saw, circular saw or flooring cutter, so you don’t need many tools.

Where do you start when laying laminate flooring?

Install the First Row

  1. The first thing to know when learning how to lay laminate flooring is that all laminate flooring will expand and contract due to temperature and humidity fluctuations.
  2. If the door to the room is located on one of the shorter walls, start laying the planks on the door side of the room.

Do you cut laminate flooring face up or down?

Straight Cuts The saw blade enters the wood from underneath and emerges from the top, and most chipping happens as it emerges. Following the same principle, you’ll get less chipping to the surface by running laminate boards face up through a table saw because the blade enters that side of the wood first.