What is the medical term for maintenance?

What is the medical term for maintenance?

main·te·nance (mān’te-nănts), 1. A therapeutic regimen intended to preserve benefit. Compare: compliance (2), adherence (2). 2.

What does De In medical terms mean?

Prefix meaning away from, cessation, without; sometimes has an intensive force.

What are the examples of contraindication?

Anything (including a symptom or medical condition) that is a reason for a person to not receive a particular treatment or procedure because it may be harmful. For example, having a bleeding disorder is a contraindication for taking aspirin because treatment with aspirin may cause excess bleeding.

What is a medical interventionist?

Interventional medical practitioners are specialists who do minimally invasive procedures instead of surgery or other treatment. Most often, these procedures utilize various imaging and catheterization techniques in order to diagnose and treat vascular issues in the body.

What does maintenance mean in clinical trials?

Maintenance means your child has a more gentle chemotherapy compared with the other treatment phases. They spend most of their time at home and have treatment as an outpatient.

What does maintenance mean after chemotherapy?

Maintenance therapy is the ongoing treatment of cancer with medication after the cancer has responded to the first recommended treatment. Maintenance therapy, sometimes called continuous therapy, is used for the following reasons: To prevent the cancer’s return.

What does the prefix de mean?

prefix. Definition of de- (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : do the opposite of deactivate. b : reverse of de-emphasis. 2a : remove (a specified thing) from delouse.

What does DE stand for in science?

Data Element. DE. Design Engineer. DE. Double Ended (metal halide lamps)

What are contraindications in medications?

A contraindication is a specific situation in which a drug, procedure, or surgery should not be used because it may be harmful to the person.

What is a medical intervention examples?

A measure taken to prevent or treat disease or to improve health in other ways. The term is used to describe the process or action that is the focus of a clinical trial. Examples of interventions include vaccines, drugs, medical devices, and palliative care.

What is medical non intervention?

For example, these ‘non-interventions’, as we currently call them, might include reducing or removing medications or other therapies (including fluid provision), withholding treatments before they have started, or simply waiting to observe how a patient’s condition develops.