What kind of oil does a 1234yf take?

What kind of oil does a 1234yf take?

PAG oil YF
PAG oil YF is suitable for both R1234yf and R134a refrigerants. PAG SP-A2 oil for refrigerants R1234yf and R134a For use in electric air conditioning compressors, such as those manufactured by SANDEN and VISTEON (Hanon).

What is ND 8 equivalent?

DENSO uses ND-oil 8 for its R134a type refrigerant compressors, a PAG 46 oil. The new refrigerant type uses ND-oil 12, also a PAG 46 oil but with additives specifically for the R1234yf type refrigerant.

Can you mix PAG 46 and PAG 100 oil?

➔ PAG oils are highly miscible with R134a (PAG oils 46 YF and 100 YF also with R1234yf) and are suitable for lubricating the air conditioning systems of most passenger and commercial vehicles.

How much PAG oil do I need?

The total system oil capacity for many late model passenger car A/C systems is only about 4 ounces (120 ml). A low oil level can starve the compressor for oil and lead to compressor failure. CAUTION: Do NOT overfill the the A/C system with too much compressor oil.

Is 134a oil compatible with 1234yf?

While R-1234yf oils are backwards compatible with R-134a systems, R-134a PAG oils are not compatible with R-1234yf systems.

Can you mix refrigerant oils?

When using CFC or HCHC refrigerants, POE and MO can be mixed. The exception is R12 that only uses MO or Alkyl Benzene Mineral Oil (ABMO) blend. HFC refrigerants can only use POE oil.

Can you mix different PAG oils?

Summary: PAG Oil is used on R-134a systems from about 1995-2015. Check your manufacturer’s recommendation for proper type of oil as well as specific viscosity. Because mineral oil and PAG oil cannot be mixed, another A/C compressor oil was needed to bridge the gap for system conversions.

How much PAG oil does my AC system need?

When should I replace refrigerant oil?

Oil in refrigeration systems is not changed regularly. Because refrigeration systems are a closed system, there are no contaminants that can damage parts of the system. The only reason to change refrigeration oil is if a burnout or mechanical damage has occurred.

Is R1234yf colder than R134a?

The results of this study have shown that the cooling capacity of R1234yf AAC system is significantly lower (between 5 to 25 %) than R134a system.

How much is a pound of 1234yf freon?

$120 per pound
However, the average current market price of the R1234yf refrigerant is $120 per pound.