How do I fix Oracle initialization or shutdown in progress?

How do I fix Oracle initialization or shutdown in progress?


  1. Open command prompt and log in to database as sysdba. sqlplus / as sysdba.
  2. Forcefully shutdown database. shutdown abort;
  3. Mount the database. startup mount;
  4. Check whether the database is mounted or not. select status, database_status from v$instance;
  5. Open the database.
  6. Check whether the database is open or not.

How do I fix Ora-01031 insufficient privileges?

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges Solution: Go to Your System User. then Write This Code: SQL> grant dba to UserName; //Put This username which user show this error message. Grant succeeded.

How do I fix Ora 01507 database not mounted?

To solve ORA-01507, you need to open it to MOUNT state. SQL> alter database mount; Database altered. Then issue your RMAN commands again.

How do I start an Oracle local database?

To start or shut down Oracle Database:

  1. Go to your Oracle Database server.
  2. Start SQL*Plus at the command prompt: C:\> sqlplus /NOLOG.
  3. Connect to Oracle Database with username SYSDBA: SQL> CONNECT / AS SYSDBA.
  4. To start a database, enter: SQL> STARTUP [PFILE=path\filename]
  5. To stop a database, enter: SQL> SHUTDOWN [mode]

What is Ora 01031 insufficient privileges?

Error ORA-01031 means you are attempting to execute an operation for which you do not have appropriate privileges. There are several, possible causes for the ORA-01031 “Insufficient Privileges” error. They are: You may be attempting to change the current Oracle username or password without having proper privileges.

How do I resolve ORA 00214?

Action: Use a consistent set of control files, datafiles/logfiles, and redo log files. That is, all the files must be for the same database and from the same time period. Typical ways to get an ORA-00214 include forgetting to replace ALL OF the current control files in all locations specified in the init.