How do you do special moves in Little Fighter 2?

How do you do special moves in Little Fighter 2?

  1. Thunder Punch (10mp) Input method: Run + A.
  2. Thunder Punch (15mp) Input method: Run + J + A.
  3. Thunder Kick (10mp) Input method: D + > + J.
  4. Whirlwind Throw (15mp) Input method: D + ^ + J.
  5. Phoenix Palm (30mp)

How do you grab in lf2?

To grab someone, they must be walked into while they are in DoP. Once grabbed, they may be lightly punched (at least five times, depending on the character doing the grabbing) with Attack, or thrown with Up/Down/Left/Right Attack.

How do you get LouisEX?

LouisEX can be obtained through Louis when he explodes his armor. LouisEX has the highest running speed and power to throw items. While LouisEX is running, he can hit people, which deals 15 damage.

How do you use power in Street Fighter 2?

Highlight the punch or kick you wish to change and then press the button you wish to use for that punch or kick. If you are using a CAPCOM FIGHTER POWER STICK, simply highlight SET and press any button. The game will automati- cally configure the buttons to the optimum configuration.

Who made lf2?

Marti Wong
Starsky WongMarti and Starsky Wong
Little Fighter 2/Developers

Is Little Fighter 2 free?

Conclusion – An Awesome Free Fighting Game Little Fighter 2 offers some of the best 2D fighting action around.

Is little fighter free?

Hero Fighter & Hero Fighter X Hero Fighter is a free web-based beat ’em up created by Marti Wong. This game is still under development but an alpha version was released in the end of July 2009.

What are Chun-Li’s special moves in Street Fighter 2?

Chun-Li’s super move is an advanced version of her signature move. After storing up a lot of energy, she can release it by propelling herself forward with one kick, followed by another kick, before launching into a high-powered version of the Hyakuretsu Kyaku.

How do you do a spinning bird kick in sf2?

Spinning Bird Kick – Hold Away, Forward + Any Kick Button (can be done in the air.)