How serious is mild left ventricular hypertrophy?

How serious is mild left ventricular hypertrophy?

But when it comes to the heart, bigger is not better. An enlarged or thickened heart — a condition doctors call left-ventricular (LV) hypertrophy — can lead to heart failure. It also may double the risk of dementia and cognitive impairment. “Hypertrophy is not normal.

What does it mean by ventricular hypertrophy?

Left ventricular hypertrophy is enlargement and thickening (hypertrophy) of the walls of your heart’s main pumping chamber (left ventricle). The thickened heart wall loses elasticity, leading to increased pressure to allow the heart to fill its pumping chamber to send blood to the rest of the body.

What is the difference between cardiomegaly and hypertrophy?

In this condition, the walls of the left and/or right ventricles of the heart become thin and stretched. The result is an enlarged heart. In the other types of cardiomegaly, the heart’s large muscular left ventricle becomes abnormally thick. Hypertrophy is usually what causes left ventricular enlargement.

How long can you live with cardiomegaly?

The effect of an enlarged heart on life expectancy depends in part on the underlying cause. But even with treatment, many people have a downhill course. Most with severe heart disease die within a few years. The treatment for an enlarged heart also depends to some extent on its cause.

Does cardiomegaly go away?

For some people, cardiomegaly is just temporary and will resolve on its own. However, other people may have permanent cardiomegaly. It is vital that this symptom and the underlying cause of it are treated to prevent more serious damage to the heart. Treatments include medication, surgery, and lifestyle changes.

What are the symptoms of left ventricular hypertrophy?

What are the symptoms of LVH?

  • Shortness of breath.
  • Fatigue.
  • Chest pain (especially with exercise)
  • Heart palpitations.
  • Dizziness or fainting.

Is left ventricular hypertrophy curable?

Left ventricular hypertrophy due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy may be treated with medication, a nonsurgical procedure, surgery, implanted devices and lifestyle changes.

What is cardiomegaly disease?

Enlarged heart, in heart failure An enlarged heart (cardiomegaly) isn’t a disease, but rather a sign of another condition. The term “cardiomegaly” refers to an enlarged heart seen on any imaging test, including a chest X-ray. Other tests are then needed to diagnose the condition that’s causing the enlarged heart.

Is cardiomegaly is a heart disease?

Can cardiomegaly be cured?