How much does Texas Superfood cost?

How much does Texas Superfood cost?

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This item Texas SuperFood – Original Superfood Capsules, Superfood Reds and Greens, All-Natural Whole Food Dietary Supplement, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, No Soy, 180 Capsules
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Is Texas Superfood Made in USA?

Texas Superfoods is a nutritional supplement that contains raw fruits and vegetables. The supplement is manufactured right in the United States in the state of Texas. You can purchase this dietary supplement in capsule and powder form.

What is the difference between balance of nature and Texas Superfood?

Balance of Nature focuses on supporting our overall health and lifestyle. On the other hand, Texas Superfood is aimed at bringing about the following benefits – energy support, daily nutrient supplementation, Mental acuity and clarity, and sleep support.

Does Texas SuperFood have caffeine?

Boasting over 50 all-natural ingredients, Texas SuperFood is allergy-friendly and free of soy, dairy, gluten, caffeine, herbal stimulants, and GMOs.

Does Texas SuperFood have grapefruit in it?

Question: does it contain grapefruit? Answer: It does not contain grapefruit, lemon and orange but not grapefruit.

How much does Balance of Nature cost per month?

To order Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies (they are only sold in a set), you can get them retail (one-time purchase) for $89.95 on their website or $99.95 on Amazon. If you want to save, you can get them on a monthly subscription for $69.95 per month on their website.

What vitamins and minerals are in Texas SuperFood?

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs Among the many fresh, cold-pressed fruits, veggies, and herbs supplied in each serving of Texas SuperFood are broccoli powder and extract. Broccoli provides antioxidants supporting eye health and vitamins A, C, K, folate, potassium, selenium, and phosphorus.

Is there any benefit to taking Balance of Nature?

The fiber and spice drink helps to maintain bowel health, ease constipation (without causing diarrhea), decreases inflammation, helps balance blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and can even lead to weight loss.

What fruits and vegetables are in Texas superfood capsules?

Fruits and Vegetables. Some of the fruits and vegetables in Texas Superfood capsules include: Artichoke. Beet root. Broccoli. Carrot juice. Chicory root. Dandelion.

Is Texas superfood a good product?

Conclusion Texas Superfood is a whole food nutritional supplement in the form of a green powder. It has over 55 ingredients which are a combination of algae, grasses, enzymes, veggies, and fruits. There is no indication on the bottle of where the ingredients come from.

Are Texas superfood capsules gluten free?

SUPERFOOD WITHOUT THE TOXINS – Texas Superfood Original Superfood Capsules contain no GMOs, sugar, soy, or gluten. Original Superfood Capsules are vegan, raw, and help you develop natural energy. RED AND GREEN SUPERFOODS – Texas Superfood Orignal Caspules are gluten free, soy free, sugar free and GMP certified.

What grasses are in Texas superfood?

Texas Superfood contains algae and grasses, including: Chlorella. Peppermint. Pine bark. Spirulina. Wheat grass. Cassia seed.