Who are the members of the House of Representatives from Illinois?

Who are the members of the House of Representatives from Illinois?

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Illinois….

Representatives to the U.S. House from Illinois
Representative Party Years Served
Rodney Davis Republican 2013-present
Robin Kelly Democratic 2013-present
Brad Schneider Democratic 2013-2015, 2017-present

Who led House of Representatives in 2017?

2017 United States House of Representatives elections

Leader Paul Ryan Nancy Pelosi
Party Republican Democratic
Leader since October 29, 2015 January 3, 2003
Leader’s seat Wisconsin 1st California 12th
Last election 241 seats 194 seats

Who had control of Congress in 2013?

113th United States Congress
Senate President Joe Biden (D)
House Majority Republican
House Speaker John Boehner (R)

How many Illinois House of Representatives are there?

Illinois House of Representatives
Seats 118
Political groups Majority Democratic (73) Minority Republican (45)
Length of term 2 years

Who controlled the House and Senate in 2008?

Congress Overview Democrats controlled the 111th Congress (2009–2011) with majorities in both houses of Congress alongside the country’s first African-American president, Democrat Barack Obama.

Who are my Illinois senators?

Tammy Duckworth (Democratic Party)
Dick Durbin (Democratic Party)

How many US representatives are in Illinois?

Current members List of members of the Illinois United States House delegation, their terms in office, district boundaries, and the district political ratings according to the CPVI. The delegation has a total of 18 members, with 13 Democrats and 5 Republicans.