What does Cajun Gun Works do?

What does Cajun Gun Works do?

Custom CZ Parts, Pistols, and Gunsmith Services – Cajun Gun Works. Cajun Gun Works uses reasonable efforts to portray accurate, up-to-date information. Products can vary slightly due to manufacturing variations.

Does Cajun Gun Works ship to Canada?

Cajun Gun Works only ships to the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Who uses CZ p01?

The P-01 is based on the CZ 75, the most used pistol in the world. Over 60 countries use it as the standard side arm of their Armies, National police forces, National security agencies or other Law enforcement organizations.

Does CZ USA have a custom shop?

Though we don’t do custom work in-house, these custom shops have built a relationship with us and have extensive experience customizing our firearms: A family-owned business out of Louisiana, Cajun Gun Works specializes in working on CZ pistols.

Is CZ 75 P-01 A good gun?

Overall, the ergonomics and feel of the CZ 75 P-01 Omega are excellent. This gun is just big enough to hold while again, being small enough to conceal. The biggest complaint most will have of this gun is the slide itself.

How accurate is the CZ Shadow 2?

As you might expect with a competition gun, this pistol is accurate. Most reviewers can reliably shoot sub 1.5 inch groups from a 25 yard bench rest.

Does the CZ 75 p01 have a safety?

CZ introduced their 75 Omega series trigger and they made a P-01 variant that accepts that trigger. The Omega trigger is unique in that it allows you to run either a decocker or a thumb safety if you wanted to run the trigger in a single action format, cocked and locked. The P-01 also features a light rail.

Is the Shadow 2 drop safe?

A CZ Shadow 2 can be a carry gun but you’ll want to keep in mind it does not have a firing pin block so it won’t be drop safe. For years people carried guns that weren’t dropped safe but it’s still considered an unnecessary risk.

Which CZ is the most accurate?

Rifle Review: The CZ 457 LRP – The Most Accurate . 22 LR Rifle EVER!

  • CZ’s 457 LRP, LRP standing for Long Range Precision, has introduced an ALL NEW look and feel to the acclaimed 457 series.
  • Thankfully, it’s not just a looker, but easily one of the most accurate .