Which country is fc Nasaf?

Which country is fc Nasaf?

FC Nasaf

Full name Football Club Nasaf Qarshi
Chairman Odil Temirov
Manager Ruziqul Berdiev
League Uzbekistan Super League
2021 Uzbekistan Super League, 4th of 14

Which league is Nasaf?

Uzbekistan Professional Football L…Uzbekistan Cup
FC Nasaf/Leagues

Is Uzbekistan a UEFA?

Since they believe that Uzbekistan shows European football, and Soviet Uzbekistan, which was part of the USSR, has long been a member of UEFA. In 1994, the Uzbekistan Football Federation was officially adopted by the AFC and FIFA.

Is Uzbekistan Turkish?

Uzbek belongs to the Eastern Turkic or Karluk branch of the Turkic language family. External influences include Arabic, Persian and Russian.

Can Azeris understand Turkish?

Speakers of Turkish and Azerbaijani can, to an extent, communicate with each other as both languages have substantial variation and are to a degree mutually intelligible, though it is easier for a speaker of Azerbaijani to understand Turkish than the other way around.

What rank is Uzbekistan military?

Global Firepower Research Center. The army of Uzbekistan ranked 48th in power of the armed forces in the ranking of 126 countries and became the 3rd after Russia and Ukraine among the CIS countries.

Is Uzbekistan powerful?

New to the Best Countries rankings for 2021, Uzbekistan ranked No. 73 out of 78 countries. It performed the best in the Power and Movers subrankings – coming in at No. 42 and No.

What is the name of the Football Stadium in Nasaf?

Nasaf plays its home matches at the Markaziy Stadium, which was built in 2006. The first match at the new stadium was played between Nasaf Qarshi and Uz-Dong-Ju Andijon on 8 August 2008. The stadium was the venue of the AFC Cup final on 29 October 2011.

What happened to Nasaf in the 2011 AFC Cup?

In the 2011 season, Nasaf represented the country in AFC Cup and finished group stage with excellent result of sixth consecutive victories, beating Al Tilal in last group stage match. In March and April Nasaf went unbeaten in 12 games, winning 10 and drawing two.

What does Nasaf stand for?

Football Club Nasaf (Uzbek: “Nasaf” futbol klubi / “Насаф” футбол клуби; Russian: Футбольный клуб “Насаф”) – is a professional football club based in Qarshi (Qashqadarya Region), Uzbekistan.