Who is better Akashi or Kagami?

Who is better Akashi or Kagami?

However, Kagami’s power as a solo player greatly exceeds Akashi’s, so as long as he uses that to keep Akashi from stealing the ball on offense and to block his shots on defense, Kagami could win easily. He has to be careful of the Emperor Eye, though, because that’s the thing that would turn it into an all-Akashi game.

Does Kagami beat Akashi?

Despite Seirin’s efforts, Akashi passes Kagami and advances further to the basket. However, when he tries to score, he is stopped by Kagami.

Who is the best player on the Generation of Miracles?

1 Akashi Seijuro Akashi is the former captain of the Generation of Miracles and the present captain of Rakuzan High. Undoubtedly, Akashi is the best player in the series for several reasons. He plays as a point guard, using his incredible dribble skills against opponents.

Does Kagami beat the Generation of Miracles?

Kagami ends the game quickly, telling Papa he’s good, but the Generation of Miracles are stronger. The final score is 67-79, Seirin wins.

Is Kuroko better than Akashi?

His game-sense rivals that of Akashi, and in my opinion, exceeds Akashi’s. Kuroko’s abilities are awesome to watch, but his real strength is his will, his intelligence, and his observational skills. With those, he can easily find his opponents weaknesses and use them to help his team win.

Who is faster Aomine or Akashi?

– Aomine is stronger, faster and taller than Akashi. He’s at a clear physical advantage. – With Daiki’s many physical advantages, Akashi is actually quite limited in shot defence. If Aomine was to dunk on Akashi there isn’t much he could do to stop it.

Are Kuroko and Akashi related?

nothing can stop me. Kayuki Kuroko (黒子由紀 Kuroko Kayuki) is the only daughter and youngest child of Tetsuya Kuroko and Satsuki Momoi. Her godfather is Seijūrō Akashi. She has two older brothers: Yukito and Tatsuya.

Is Akashi the best GoM?

1) Akashi Seijuro – Rakuzan High Akashi has two distinct personalities, both of which have their own personal strengths on the court, making him the most versatile member of the GoM when it comes to both offense and defense.

Is Akashi Seijuro the strongest?

1 Seijuro Akashi Is The Perfect Point Guard The former captain of the Generation of Miracles and the current captain of Rakuzan High, Seijuro Akashi is the strongest basketball player in Kuroko’s Basketball.

Why is Akashi so good?

Akashi is a true prodigy with unique ability compared to the rest of the players in generation of miracles. He has an ‘EMPEROR EYE’ which can predict future which is one of his deadliest weapons. Next comes is his talent to predict a players ability. Moreover akashi is psycho.

Who is better Akashi or Nash?

Nash is the better passer. Yes akashi has zone passes but he can only use them for a limited amount of time because the stamina of the players are draining to fast. Nash meanwhile can use his no motion passes the entire game and they cannot be stopped unless you have a emperor eye.