Does Toby Ziegler get pardoned?

Does Toby Ziegler get pardoned?

Toby is pardoned of his crime by President Bartlet in what turns out to be the latter’s final official act before leaving the White House.

Why did they write Toby out of The West Wing?

Toby Ziegler got fired after leaking a story Sheen’s character had no choice but to fire Toby, who had been one of his longtime advisors when it became known he had leaked classified information about a secret military space shuttle to the press.

Was Toby actually the leak?

This was a major storyline starting at the end of season 6 and throughout 7. Despite Toby’s confession, it’s never confirmed that Toby actually committed the leak. It’s possible he was covering for someone else. Visual storytelling at the end of “Things Fall Apart” implies that C.J. was the source of the leak.

Who leaked the information to Toby?

C.J. shares her speculation with several senior White House staff, including Toby. The information is leaked to Greg Brock, a reporter for The New York Times, which triggers a full-scale investigation. In the episode “Mr. Frost,” Toby admits to C.J. that he leaked the classified information, which estranges the two.

Why did Schiff leave West Wing?

However, during the show’s final season, Schiff said he felt let down by the writers as some of his episodes were cut “purely on a financial decision.” He was particularly critical of the military shuttle leak storyline, which saw his character indicted for leaking classified information.

Was Toby the leak?

Toby Ziegler finally confessed to the leak to CJ and Oliver Babish.

Why did Sam Seaborn leave The West Wing?

Despite his charm and charisma, Sam was written out of the show in the fourth season as a result of disagreements over pay and the diminishing size of his role on the show. Rob Lowe played Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn, a standout character of the first 4 seasons.

Who did Sam Seaborn marry?

Lisa Sherborne
Sam Seaborn

Samuel Seaborn
Occupation Deputy White House Communications Director (seasons 1-4) Deputy White House Chief of Staff (last episode of season 7)
Family Unnamed father
Spouse an ex-fiancĂ©e – Lisa Sherborne
Nationality American

Who was Toby’s source?