What does Luke change his name to in Among the Hidden?

What does Luke change his name to in Among the Hidden?

Luke meets Jen’s father, who explains what happened and offers to get him a fake ID for protection. Luke agrees, taking on a new identity as Lee Grant.

What is Luke’s dad’s name in Among the Hidden?

Harlan Garner- This is Luke’s father. He is a farmer and also cares about the well being of his family, just like Edna.

Who is Luke in the book Among the Hidden?

Luke is one of the shadow children, a third child forbidden by the Population Police. He’s lived his entire life in hiding, and now, with a new housing development replacing the woods next to his family’s farm, he is no longer even allowed to go outside.

How old is Luke in among the free?

Luke Garner is a 13-year-old boy. When the novel opens, Luke is working as a stablehand at Population Police Headquarters. Luke is the third child of a family, which makes Luke’s existence illegal according to the two-child rule the Population Police enforces.

What was Luke’s new identity?

Lee Grant
By Margaret Peterson Haddix “Lee Grant” is Luke’s new identity. And it not only comes along with a whole backstory but also a whole new wardrobe. The real Lee Grant recently died and Jen’s dad was able to get the fake I.D. super quick.

How old is Jen in Among the Hidden?

13 year old
Jen, the 13 year old “hidden” girl that Luke (the main character) meets, is killed.

How does Luke meet Jen?

Jen Talbot is Luke’s new (and only) BFF. He discovers her hiding out in her parents’ fancy house not long after they move in and is stoked to meet another shadow child. Once they meet, though, he realizes that birth order is about the only thing they have in common.

Is Jen in Among the Free?

Luke runs away, and the villagers swarm the officer. Luke knows he is in trouble and remains in the wilderness, hiding. He contemplates the fate of his old friend Jen Talbot, who is dead.

Who is Jen Among the Hidden?

Who is brownley in Among the Hidden?

Brownley is one of Jen’s older half-brothers. Yolanda is another shadow child and a regular visitor to Jen’s secret chat room. Sean is a shadow child who regularly spends time in Jen’s secret chat room. He has a younger brother named Pat.