What is a city that starts with the letter P?

What is a city that starts with the letter P?

United States Cities Starting with P

City 2022 Population State
Palm City 24,840 Florida
Paducah 24,862 Kentucky
Paris 24,934 Texas
Pickerington 24,954 Ohio

What are Mexico’s top 5 major cities?

Mexico: The largest cities 2020 (in million residents)

Characteristic Residents in million
Mexico City 8.84
Tijuana 1.81
Ecatepec 1.64
León 1.58

What are Mexico’s 10 cities?

14 Best Cities in Mexico

  1. Mexico City. The Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City.
  2. Oaxaca. Saint Domingo Church in Oaxaca.
  3. Guadalajara. Guadalajara Cathedral.
  4. Puebla. Colorful architecture in Puebla, Mexico.
  5. Cancun. Aerial view of Cancun.
  6. Puerto Vallarta. Downtown Puerto Vallarta at sunset.
  7. Merida.
  8. San Miguel de Allende.

What is name of cities in Mexico?

List of cities in Mexico

Rank City State
1 Mexico City DF
2 Ecatepec de Morelos México
3 Guadalajara Jalisco
5 Juárez Chihuahua

What is the capital city of P?


City/Town Country/Territory
Phnom Penh Cambodia
Port Louis Mauritius
Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago

What is a place with P?

P.Gannavaram P.O. Hatwar Dehra
Pach Khora Pachal
Pachapachiya Pachmarhi
Pachod Pachora
Pachore Pachpadra

What are the 4 major cities in Mexico?

Top 100 cities by population

Top G City Change
1 Mexico City +4.05%
2 Tijuana +39.18%
3 Ecatepec −0.69%
4 León +27.51%

What are the 3 most populated cities in Mexico?

Mexico – 10 Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Mexico City , Mexico City 12,294,193
2 Iztapalapa , Mexico City 1,815,786
3 Ecatepec , México 1,655,015
4 Guadalajara , Jalisco 1,495,182

What are the 3 most popular cities in Mexico?

Top 100 cities by population

Top G City 2020 Census
1 Mexico City 9,209,944
2 Tijuana 1,810,645
3 Ecatepec 1,643,623
4 León 1,579,803

What towns are near Mexico City?

Top 5 Small Towns Near Mexico City

  • Valle de Bravo.
  • Tequisquiapan.
  • Chignahuapan.
  • Cholula.
  • Bernal.

What are the top 3 cities in Mexico?

What are the largest major cities in Mexico?