Which country code is 1 647?

Which country code is 1 647?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Area codes 416, 647, and 437 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the single rate centre of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Where is the area code 289 location?

Southern Ontario, Canada
Area codes 905, 289, 365, and 742 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the Golden Horseshoe region that surrounds Lake Ontario in Southern Ontario, Canada.

What is the area code for 647?

city of Toronto
Area codes 647 and 416 are primarily used in the city of Toronto. Ontario area codes 613 and 343 are primarily used in Ottawa as well as the surrounding Eastern Ontario area.

How do I call Bell Canada from overseas?

You can contact Bell while travelling abroad using the following numbers:

  1. From a Bell mobile phone: +1 51-420-7748.
  2. From a landline phone in US: 1 80-667-7626.
  3. From a landline phone in 21 countries: +800-328-2123-3.

What does +1 mean for phone numbers?

the United States
“1,” of course, is the country code for the United States.

What area code is 778 in Canada?

The 778 code was introduced in 2001 and 236 was brought in as an area code in 2013. Both 778 and 236 are used throughout B.C. The urbanized area north of Metro Vancouver to Whistler uses only the 604 area code. The 250 area code is only found outside of Metro Vancouver.

What area code is 250 in Canada?

province of British Columbia
Area code 250 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan for the Canadian province of British Columbia outside the Lower Mainland, including Vancouver Island–home to the provincial capital, Victoria–and the province’s Interior region.

What area code is 204 in Canada?

Manitoba, Canada
Being the largest city in Manitoba, Canada, Winnipeg has the same area code as Manitoba, 204. The same area code is also shared with other cities in the Manitoba province. It is one of the first area codes ever awarded to cities and provinces in Canada.

What area code is 413 in Canada?

The most-populous city of area code 413 is Springfield. 413 also includes Great Barrington, Greenfield, North Adams, Northampton and Pittsfield….External links.

North: 603, 802
West: 518 area code 413 East: 351/978, 508/774
South: 860
Connecticut area codes: 203/475, 860/959

How do I get in touch with Bell Canada?

Customer service

  1. They can be reached by calling 1 866 310-BELL (2355) or 611 (for repair).
  2. We also offer a number of convenient self-serve tools on the bell.ca Web site.

What is Canada’s country code?

+1Canada / Dialing code
Begin the number you’re dialing with a “1”, this is the Canada country code from the United States. Move on to dialing the area code for the region of Canada that you are dialing. 780 will connect you to a number in Northern Alberta, while 514 will connect you to a number in Montreal.