Which Myvi generation is best?

Which Myvi generation is best?

third-generation car
The Perodua Myvi has gone through many improvements over the years. And the third-generation car with its sleek styling, EEV certification, and long list of safety features, is easily the best value Myvi yet.

Is Myvi engine same as Vios?

Compare for Perodua Myvi vs Toyota Vios Comparing the technical specifications, Toyota Vios engine displacement is 1496 cc while the Perodua Myvi houses a 1329 cc engine.

What does MYVI stand for?

Body style. 5-door hatchback. Layout. Front-engine, front-wheel-drive. The name “Myvi” is derived from “My Vehicle,” “My Vision” and “Malaysian Vision.”

What is D CVT?

D-CVT (Dual mode CVT) is the world’s first split-gear CVT system*. D-CVT combines belt drive with a high transmission-efficiency gear drive, improving fuel efficiency, acceleration feel, and quietness.

Is Myvi worth buying?

The reason for the Myvi’s success is that it’s a no-brainer of a car. It does most things very well for most people, and the only reason someone would opt for an alternative – like an Iriz – is because they want to be different. Driving pleasure, you say.

What engine can fit in MYVI?

It is only available with a 1.3L engine with a manual or automatic gearbox. An “Exclusive Edition” of the Perodua Myvi also launched in October 2009.

Is Perodua Myvi a good car?

Taken as a whole, the 2022 Myvi’s updates build on all the aspects that have made it the most popular and best-selling car in Malaysia. The D-CVT has had a positive impact on fuel economy and refinement levels and perfectly matches the engine for better performance and drivability.

What is a Myvi car?

The Perodua Myvi is a subcompact car/supermini (B-segment) produced by the Malaysian manufacturer Perodua since 2005. Based on the Daihatsu Boon (also branded as Daihatsu Sirion, Toyota Passo and Subaru Justy), the Myvi is the result of Perodua’s collaboration with both Toyota and Daihatsu.