Who played Violet in Supernatural Season 9 episode 20?

Who played Violet in Supernatural Season 9 episode 20?

Melissa Roxburgh who played Violet Duval, previously played Lila Taylor in 7.12 Time After Time.

Was Supernatural Season 9 episode 20 a spin-off?

Supernatural: Bloodlines was to be a Supernatural spin-off series. The backdoor pilot—which aired as the twentieth episode of Season 9 – explored the different hunter and monster cultures in Chicago, and how the two come into conflict with each other. The show’s title was revealed on January 29, 2014.

Who played Violet on Supernatural?

Melissa Roxburgh
Melissa Roxburgh (born December 10, 1992) is a Canadian actress….Filmography.

Year 2014
Title Supernatural: Bloodlines
Role Violet Duval
Notes Unsold television series

Who is Violet on Supernatural?

Melissa Roxburgh (born on December 10, 1992) is an Canadian actress who portrayed Young Lila Taylor in the season 7 episode “Time After Time”. She also portrayed Violet Duval, in the Season 9 episode “Bloodlines” and the unreleased spin-off Supernatural: Bloodlines.

What is the Supernatural spin-off called?

‘ The CW is going back in time to expand the world of Supernatural, handing a pilot order to the prequel spinoff The Winchesters, exec-produced by original series star Jensen Ackles, TVLine has learned.

What happened to Tamara in Supernatural?

Tamara was the girlfriend/soon to be fiancé of Ennis Ross. She was killed by Irv Sokolowski. Her death was later avenged by Ennis.

Are Jensen and Misha friends?

We know, we know: they’re just friends. They’re both married. But when it comes to Dean and Castiel (better known as Destiel), the guys like to poke fun at the relationship themselves — they even joked about winning the Teen Choice Award for choice TV chemistry!