Is the M1 closed at junction 36?

Is the M1 closed at junction 36?

TRAFFIC: M1 now reopened The M1 has now reopened in both directions following the earlier closure between J36 and J37.

What Junction is 36 on the M1?

Junction 36, M1 Motorway, Tankersley – 2 © Terry Robinson cc-by-sa/2.0 :: Geograph Britain and Ireland.

Are there any delays on M1 southbound?

Location : The M1 southbound exit slip at junction J10 . Lane Closures : Lanes 1 and 2 will be closed. Reason : Roadside equipment maintenance is planned. Status : Pending.

Why was M1 closed at Sheffield today?

The M1 has been closed this afternoon near Sheffield due to a ‘suspicious package’, say police. The motorway has been shut between junction 36, for Tankersley, and junction 37, for Barnsley, and traffic diverted along other routes, police said, earlier, because of the item on a bridge over the carriageway.

What Junction is Birdwell?

M1 Junction 36
M1 Junction 36, A61 Birdwell Roundabout, A6135 Sheffield Road and A6195 Dearne Valley Parkway – road works update.

How many junctions are on the M1?

The whole motorway was officially completed in 1999 when the Leeds to Hook Moor stretch was finished. The total cost was around £26 million and it took a full 40 years to finish the road which has 47 junctions.

What junction is Manchester on the M1?

J35a A616

M1 Motorway
Southbound exits Junction Northbound exits
A629: Rotherham J35 A629: Rotherham
No Access J35a A616: Manchester
A61: Sheffield J36 A61: Barnsley

What is the M1 like at the moment?

Lanes Closed : All lanes are closed. Location : The M1 northbound between junctions J19 and J20 . Reason : Roadworks. Status : Currently Active.

What Junction is Luton on M1?

junction 10
Located close to the M1 and M25, Luton Airport is only 32 miles from central London. The best route to take for Luton airport is via junction 10 on the M1. The M1 can be accessed from the M25 from the South, and directly from the North. Leave the M1 at junction 10 and follow signs for the airport.

Why was M1 closed?

The M1 northbound was shut at around 3am yesterday (Tuesday, May 3) from junction 10 at Luton Airport to junction 11 for Dunstable following the crash.

Why is South Yorkshire M1 closed?

Drivers faced major delays on the M1 in South Yorkshire after the discovery of a suspicious package on a footbridge over the motorway.

What Junction is Birdwell on M1?

M1 Junction 36, A61 Birdwell Roundabout, A6135 Sheffield Road and A6195 Dearne Valley Parkway – road works update. Phase 1 of the Sheffield City Region Investment Funded (SCRIF) Highway Improvement Scheme on the A61 Birdwell Roundabout at M1 Junction 36 is well underway.

What is the last junction on the M1?

Junction 1
The final section of the M1 was opened to Junction 1 at Staples Corner in 1977.

What is the first junction on the M1?

The M1 was constructed in four phases. The first section of the motorway was completed in 1959, this was between what is known now as Junction 5 and Junction 18 between Watford and Crick/Rugby.

What Junction is Birmingham on M1?


mile km Northbound exits (A carriageway)
82.3 82.7 132.4 133.1 The North West Coventry, Birmingham M6
85.5 86.1 137.6 138.5 Lutterworth A4303 Market Harborough A4304 Magna Park
96.1 96.6 154.6 155.4 Coventry M69 Leicester A5460
97.7 157.2

What Junction is Milton Keynes on M1?

Milton Keynes Coachway is situated 1,300 feet south of M1 motorway, Junction 14.

Why is M1 at standstill?

Delay : There are currently delays of 10 minutes against expected traffic. Location : The M1 southbound between junctions J8 and J6 . Lane Closures : The hard shoulder and lane 1 are closed. Reason : Broken down vehicle.