What route is epoetin?

What route is epoetin?

Adults—Dose is based on body weight and must be determined by your doctor. The starting dose is 50 to 100 units per kilogram (kg) injected into a vein or under the skin three times a week. Your doctor may adjust the dose as needed. Children—Use and dose must be determined by your doctor.

How is epoetin administered?

Epoetin alfa injection products come as a solution (liquid) to inject subcutaneously (just under the skin) or intravenously (into a vein). It is usually injected one to three times weekly.

How is Epogen injection administered?

Epogen can be injected directly into a layer of fat under your skin. This is called a subcutaneous injection. When giving subcutaneous injections, follow your healthcare provider’s instructions about changing the site for each injection. You may wish to write down the site where you have injected.

Is erythropoietin given IV or IM?

EPREX should be administered as a subcutaneous injection. In paediatric patients with chronic renal failure where intravenous access is routinely available (haemodialysis patients) administration of EPREX by the intravenous route is preferable.

How do you inject epoetin beta?

For adults, inject this medication into a vein or under the skin as directed by your doctor, usually every 2 to 4 weeks. Hemodialysis patients should receive this medication by injection into a vein. For children, inject this medication only into a vein as directed by the doctor, usually every 4 weeks.

Can erythropoietin be given subcutaneously?

According to the results, the injection of erythropoietin in the subcutaneous method was more effective than intravenous. It is recommended to use this approach to improve blood indices in hemodialysis patients.

How do you give a subcutaneous injection?

Poke the needle straight into the skin you are pinching. The needle can be inserted at a 90-degree angle (straight in, somewhat like a dart) or at a 45-degree angle. While keeping the skin pinched, slowly push the plunger on the syringe to push the medication into your subcutaneous tissue.

How do you take EPO?

You have erythropoietin as an injection under the skin (subcutaneously). It is usually given into the thigh or tummy. A nurse can teach you, or a person caring for you, how to inject it. If you or a carer cannot give the injections, a district or practice nurse may do it for you.

Can erythropoietin be given intramuscularly?

EPO was intravenously, intramuscularly or subcutaneously injected to partially nephrectomized anemic rats in 3 types of prescriptions (300 units of EPO per kg of body weight was respectively given in a dose at the first day, in 4 divided doses every 4 days, and in 7 divided doses every 2 days for 2 weeks).

Why erythropoietin is given subcutaneously?

Where do you give a subcutaneous injection?

The best areas on your body to give yourself a SQ injection are:

  • Upper arms. At least 3 inches (7.5 centimeters) below your shoulder and 3 inches (7.5 centimeters) above your elbow, on the side or back.
  • Outer side of upper thighs.
  • Belly area.