What is the highest rated wrestling match?

What is the highest rated wrestling match?

The first match rated more than 5 stars by Meltzer was Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat at a house show in Landover on March 18th 1989, which was awarded 6 stars. The highest rating ever given by Meltzer is 7 stars, which he awarded to Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada at Dominion 6.9 in Osaka-jo Hall on June 2018.

What is the best Wrestle Kingdom?

In 2020, fans voted the Okada vs Omega match as the best Wrestle Kingdom match of all time.

Who has the most 5 star matches in wrestling?

1 Mitsuharu Misawa – 25 Many wrestlers can only dream of having one 5 star match in their resume. Mitsuharu Misawa has 25! One of the most iconic figures in the history of wrestling, many fans around the world consider him to be the greatest wrestler that ever lived.

Has WWE ever had a 5 star match?

Fair or not, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has only awarded five WWE matches a five-star rating. How valid Meltzer’s ratings are is often debated as is his perceived anti-WWE bias. Regardless, receiving a five-star rating is an honor.

Does John Cena have a 5 star match?

1 John Cena Vs CM Punk – Money In The Bank (2011) – Rating: 5 Stars.

Who is the best wrestler in NJPW?

Kazuchika Okada 22 25 35 31 34 822.

  • Hiroshi Tanahashi 15 18 33 37 41 722.
  • Tomohiro Ishii 8 30 32 27 29 666.
  • Kota Ibushi 13 21 22 21 22 558.
  • Will Ospreay 15 20 19 17 14 520.
  • Tetsuya Naito 9 10 26 16 5 400.
  • Kenny Omega 22 14 5 10 7 356.
  • Jushin Liger 3 5 14 25 35 324.
  • Is Wrestle Kingdom like WrestleMania?

    Wrestle Kingdom is traditionally NJPW’s biggest event of the year and has been described as their equivalent to WWE’s WrestleMania.

    Which wrestler has the biggest chest?

    Hulk Hogan The former American professional wrestler, a 6-feet-7-inch tall, 12-time world champion boasts of a 58-inch chest and 24-inch biceps.

    Who has the biggest muscles in WWE?

    10 Of The Most Jacked Wrestlers Of All Time: Where Are They Now?

    1. 1 Tony Atlas. When it comes to physiques, Tony Atlas has always had one of the greatest in wrestling history.
    2. 2 John Cena.
    3. 3 Chris Masters.
    4. 4 Triple H.
    5. 5 Hulk Hogan.
    6. 6 Lex Luger.
    7. 7 Brock Lesnar.
    8. 8 Mason Ryan.

    Does Randy Orton have a 5 star match?

    Because of this, Orton has never had a 5-star match. He has surpassed the 4-star mark a few times, but that was on rare occasions. Simply put, Orton is a sports entertainer, but not an over-the-top wrestler who executes dangerous moves to get a 5-star rating.

    Does Triple H have a 5 star match?

    8 Triple H Despite not ever having a five-star wrestling match before, according to Meltzer, there is nothing for Triple H to be upset about in regards to his career.