Where is the Citadel in ME2?

Where is the Citadel in ME2?

Geography. The Citadel is located in the Serpent Nebula, near to the star known as The Widow. It is surrounded by a number of mass relays providing easy access to and from the rest of the galaxy.

What should I buy on the citadel ME2?

Citadel Souvenirs

Item Price Discounted
Space Hamster 9,200 7,666
Illium Skald Fish 500 416
Model – Normandy SR1 500 416
Model – Destiny Ascension 500 416

How do I get off the Citadel in Mass Effect 2?

To leave the Citadel in Mass Effect, Shepard should walk or fast-travel to C-Sec. C-Sec is part of the Wards, so players can find it on the Citadel Rapid Transit menu under Wards Locations or by following the directional signs posted around the Citadel.

Is The Citadel a reaper?

Mass Effect’s Citadel was actually constructed by the ancient bio-mechanical Reapers as an elaborate ruse to hasten the development of galactic life so that a harvest of all organics in the Milky Way could be performed more frequently.

Did the leviathans create the Citadel?

The Citadel was not, in fact, constructed by the Protheans; they were simply the last race to make use of the station before the asari arrived. It, and the mass relays, are the creations of the Reapers, and were built to help facilitate their cycle of galactic genocide.

Is Kasumi Romanceable Mass Effect?

Kasumi Goto, one of the DLC crewmates introduced in Mass Effect 2, can join Shepard’s squad to defeat the Collectors, but she can’t be romanced.

How do I leave The Citadel?

Here’s how to leave the Citadel in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition ME1 remaster:

  1. Travel to the Wards area of the Citadel.
  2. Enter the C-Sec Academy, then take the elevator to the Docking Bay.
  3. Board the Normandy and leave via the Galaxy Map.