What is Xbalanque the god of?

What is Xbalanque the god of?

the patron god of beekeepers. (See http://www.mayavase.com/tran/trans.html) Xbalanque, Mayan Hero Twin. Xbalanque (or Yax-Balam), together with his brother Hunahpu, was responsible for defeating the lords of the underworld through trickery and athletic prowess in order to restore to life his father the Maize God.

Is Xbalanque a girl?

Partly on Page 5 143 that basis in 1948 Girard (1979:187ff, 338) identified Xbalanque as female and as a lunar goddess.

Who are the Mayan Hero Twins?

Hunahpu and Xbalanque
The Hero Twins are famous Mayan semi-gods called Hunahpu and Xbalanque, whose story is narrated in the Popol Vuh (“The Book of Council”).

What did Hunahpu and Xbalanque do?

The twin gods Hunahpu and Xbalanque were heroes in the mythology of the Maya, a people of Central America. Through bravery and quick thinking, they outwitted the lords of Xibalba (pronounced shi-BAHL-buh), the underworld or land of the dead, and destroyed them.

Who is the most important Mayan god?

Kukulcán – The Feathered Serpent God The feathered serpent deity, known to the Yucatec Maya as Kukulcán, is the most well-known and prominent Mayan god of the Maya pantheon. You will also see this god referred to as Gucumatz in the Quiche Maya designation and as Quetzalcoatl in the Aztec Nahuatl language.

How does Xquic become pregnant?

Upon arriving she was curious as to the strange fruit that it bore, in the shape of a skull, and the head of Hun Hunahpu instructed the maiden to reach out and take one. As she did so the skull spat upon her hand, and through this act she became pregnant with Hun Hunahpu’s twin sons.

Who is Xbalanque in the Popol Vuh?

Hunahpu (One Blowgun Hunter) and Xbalanque (Young Hidden Sun) are the hero twins of the Popol Vuh. Both brothers were intelligent, brave, handsome, and had magical powers; all necessary traits for their role as the heroic protagonists for the Popol Vuh.

What happens to Hun Hunahpu severed head after his death?

Xquic went to investigate a calabash tree where the Lords of Xibalba had displayed the severed head of Hun Hunahpu, whom they had sacrificed. As she did so the skull spat upon her hand, and through this act she became pregnant with Hun Hunahpu’s twin sons.

Who is the oldest Mayan god?

One of the thirteen gods who participated in the creation of human beings according to one version of the myth. Also a version of the name Xumucane, the grandmother of the famous hero twins, who, with her husband, Xpiayoc, created humans from maize and are considered the oldest and wisest deities in the Maya pantheon.

How does Xmucane treat the hero twins when they are born?

Xquic passes a test in which she produces a netful of corn by pulling the silk from a single ear. She then gives birth to the Hero Twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque (Hunter and Jaguar Deer). As infants, they are abused by their older twin brothers, Hun Batz and Hun Chuen.