Why did Serleena come to Earth?

Why did Serleena come to Earth?

During the late 70s, Serleena was drawn to Earth several years back when the Zarthans attempted to bring the Light of Zartha to Earth under the watch of the MIB agency. Upon entering the scene, Serleena kills a Zarthan leader and despaired as what she thought was the Light of Zartha, flew into orbit.

How did Laura get the light of Zartha?

When she goes to get Mountain Dew from the basement, Serleena comes and kills Ben. After being interrogated by Jay, she is placed into protection with the Worms. It is here she realizes that her bracelet is the Light of Zartha. However, Serleena does find her, and she is captured and is almost taken.

What is in Boris the animals hand?

Franchise information Boris is an intergalactic criminal and the last known member of the Boglodite race. He also has an insect-like pet named the Weasel, who lives in his hollow right hand, serving as Boris’ main source of spikes to kill.

Who is the woman in MIB 2?

Rosario Dawson as Laura Vasquez: A young woman who turns out to be the long-lost alien princess from Zartha and the power source sought by Serleena.

Why did Serleena want the light?

A Zarthan is a race of aliens from Zartha. What the Zarthans look like is unknown, as all the ones that have been seen were disguised as humans. The Zarthans have a force known as the Light of Zartha, which protects their planet. However, the Kylothian Serleena wants the Light to destroy the planet.

Is Agent K an alien?

Early life. K (born Kevin Brown) was one of the people who made first contact with the first aliens to arrive on Earth, and became one of the founding members of the Men In Black. He said he was 29 in 1969, placing his year of birth as 1940.

Does Boris the animal have eyes?

He also has a small alien living in his arm dubbed The Weasel that shoots out spikes. Basically, Boris’ entire body seems to be made of teeth, and its only in his final encounter with K does he show himself. Boris The Animal’s human facade gives way to a nightmarish mass of claws, spikes and teeth with no eyes.

How did Boris get to Earth?

During the 1960s, in order to establish their dominance on the planet and be able to consume the planet, the Boglodites sent Boris to Earth to eliminate a survivor of a previous planet they destroyed: Griffin the Arcanan.