How many times has Montreal played Boston in the playoffs?

How many times has Montreal played Boston in the playoffs?

In the playoffs, the two teams have met in 34 series for a total of 177 games, the most in NHL history….Bruins–Canadiens rivalry.

All-time series 469–348–103–11 (MTL)
Regular season series 363–277–103–11 (MTL)
Postseason results 106–71 (MTL)
Largest victory BOS 10–0 MTL February 21, 1933

Why do Montreal and Boston hate each other?

The rivalry’s zenith came during the 1970s, when both clubs were league powers. Despite the fact that Boston won two Stanley Cups in that decade, it was never able to beat Montreal in a playoff series, a trend that, incredibly, stretched from the late ’40s through the late ’80s, covering 18 post-season matchups.

When was the last time Montreal made the playoffs?

When was the last time the Canadiens were in the playoffs? The Montreal Canadiens last made the playoffs in 2021, when they lost the Final. They’ve been in the playoffs a total of 85 times in their 103 seasons.

Who won the hockey game last night between Boston and Montreal?

The Boston Bruins
MTL@BOS: McAvoy nets second on power play to tie game BOSTON — The Boston Bruins scored four goals in the third period to rally for a 5-2 win against the Montreal Canadiens at TD Garden on Sunday.

Who is Montreal Canadiens biggest rival?

the Boston Bruins
Of course, the Habs most bitter rival is the Boston Bruins. No two teams have met more in the postseason, and there have been a few recent battles to ensure the rivalry still burns white hot.

Who is Boston Bruins biggest rival?

the Montreal Canadiens
The Boston Bruins hate the Montreal Canadiens with a passion, and the two teams are the greatest rivals in hockey.

What is Montreal Canadiens worst season?

1998–99 Montreal
The 1998–99 Montreal Canadiens season was the club’s 90th season of play. The club finished 5th in the Northeast Division and did not qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs. It had been the worst season in over 48 years for the club.

When did Montreal Canadiens lose 8 games?

1976–77 Montreal Canadiens season – Wikipedia.

Did Montreal Canadiens win last night?

Canadiens’ Ryan Poehling: Opens scoring in win Poehling scored a goal on six shots in Wednesday’s 4-3 win over the Rangers.