Why was Maude Cancelled?

Why was Maude Cancelled?

“Maude’s Dilemma,” a two‐part show in November, 1972, told of Maude’s unexpected pregnancy and her subsequent decision to have an abortion. The show triggered a storm of protest—a few CBS affiliates refused to carry the episode—and achieved a 4 in the Nielsen ratings.

What happened on the last episode of Maude?

April 22, 1978Maude / Final episode date

How many episodes are there of Maude?

141Maude / Number of episodes

How many years did Maude run?

Maude (TV series)

Original network CBS
Original release September 12, 1972 – April 22, 1978
Preceded by All in the Family

Was Maude a man?

Maude Findlay was a woman in her 40s living in the suburbs with her fourth husband, Walter (played by Bill Macy), her divorced daughter, Carol (Adrienne Barbeau), and a grandson.

Did Maude get a facelift?

She calls to say she is coming by and has a surprise. It is a surprise – she had a face lift and looks years younger, as her new face receives plenty of cheers from Carol and Walter, but only jeers from Maude.

Did Maude and Walter get divorced?

Maude and Walter ultimately decide to divorce. At Vivian and Arthur’s 2nd anniversary party, Maude and Walter show up with separate dates; Maude arrives with a Senator (James Olson) while Walter arrives with a young woman (Bernadette Peters), which infuriates Maude.

Who was the youngest golden girl?

Rue McClanahan is the youngest Golden Girl!

Is Maude bipolar?

A season Four two-part episode called “Maude’s Moods” revealed that Maude has bipolar disorder (more specifically, manic depression). She attempted to run actor Henry Fonda for President, and as she did, her moods swung from very high happiness, to the very pits of depression.

Did Maude have a facelift?

Was Maude a spin off of All In The Family?

With all of its spin-offs included, save 704 Hauser (1994), All in the Family (1971) ran for 15 straight years: All in the Family (1971), Maude (1972), Good Times (1974), The Jeffersons (1975), Archie Bunker’s Place (1979), Checking In (1981), Gloria (1982).