What is the plot of Curse of Chucky?

What is the plot of Curse of Chucky?

Looking for revenge, Chucky the killer doll infiltrates and terrorises the family of a woman, her sister, and her young niece.Curse Of Chucky / Film synopsis

What happened at the end of Curse of Chucky?

Nica comes back to the living room, the movie has finished. Barb’s husband Ian is sleeping and Chucky is sitting next to him. She wakes him and they both think that his daughter Alice put Chucky there. Nica takes the doll to Alice while going upstairs in a lift.

Is Curse of Chucky worth watching?

“Curse of Chucky” is a great return of the franchise with a sinister history of Chucky. The cinematography and the camera work are top-notch and the plot is well developed. Wait until the end of the credits since the movie continues with a long scene; in the end, “play with this”! My vote is seven.

Is Nica Pierce Chucky’s daughter?

Portrayed by Fiona Dourif, daughter of Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif, Nica is an innocent woman whose life is continuously altered by the sinister exploits of our favorite orange-haired killer doll.

Is the Curse of Chucky a true story?

It turns out Chucky is actually based on a “haunted” real-life doll, and when you hear his story you might be even more terrified than you were in the first place. Meet Robert. The real life Chucky (whose real name is Robert). Image: A&E.

How is Tiffany alive in Curse of Chucky?

Chucky follows them and hits her in the head with an axe for leaving him, thus killing her. However, at the very last minute, she successfully passes her soul into Jennifer before dying. Five years later, she is happily living in Hollywood while inhabiting Jennifer’s body, and is raising the twins on her own.

How old should you be to watch Chucky?

As with most horror movies, a mature 10 year old could watch this movie. However it still has a lot of gore, and there is a decapitation at one point.

Why did Tiffany cut Nica’s limbs?

NICA NEEDS A HAND Things took a decidedly macabre turn in the season finale though when Tiffany, now herself dangerously attracted to Nica, cut off all of Nica’s arms and legs, in order to ensure she would go nowhere.

What was in the chili in Curse of Chucky?

Nica is visited by her sister Barb, accompanied by her husband Ian, their daughter Alice, live-in nanny Jill, and priest Father Frank. Alice finds Chucky and is allowed to keep him. That evening, while Alice and Nica are making chili for dinner, Chucky secretly pours rat poison into one of the dinner bowls.

Why is Chucky evil?

Chucky Was Once a Serial Killer Named Charles Lee Ray Not wanting to die, Charles ducked into a toy store, and used a voodoo artifact called The Heart of Damballa to transfer his soul into the nearest item, a Good Guy doll.