Who is the attorney general of Rhode Island?

Who is the attorney general of Rhode Island?

Peter Neronha (Democratic Party)Rhode Island / Attorney generalPeter Franz Neronha is an American lawyer and politician from Jamestown, Rhode Island who currently serves as the Attorney General of Rhode Island. Wikipedia

What is a national BCI?

The BCI. BCI background checks are conducted by the involved state’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI). The BCI is in charge of compiling criminal records, which are routinely accessed for background checks.

What does the RI Attorney General do?

The department of the attorney general is responsible for the prosecution of all felony criminal cases and misdemeanor appeals brought by state law. The attorney general represents all agencies, departments, and commissions in litigation and initiates legal action to protect the interests of Rhode Island citizens.

What is FBI background check?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation keeps track of all US criminal convictions and charges with its large network of local and state law enforcement officials. Applicants going for a history check are obliged to go directly to the FBI and obtain an FBI clearance certificate.

What is the salary of the Rhode Island Governor?

Governor of Rhode Island

Governor of the State of Rhode Island
Formation Original form: June 1636 Current form: November 1775
Deputy Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island
Salary $145,754.96 (2020)
Website Official website

What do FBI fingerprints show?

Criminal History Record Information
A fingerprint background check can show Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) if a match is found. This CHRI can include arrests, as well as military service records, records of federal employment, and naturalization.

What does a BCI look for?

BCI-Civilian report will also search past Criminal Activity (Arrests, Misdemeanor, and felony convictions, Sentences, Incarceration records, and any Court Warrants, Incarceration records, Sex offenses, etc.) and Character references and Social security number verification.