Why is my wood splitter not working?

Why is my wood splitter not working?

Check the level and top it off if needed. If the levels are correct, then you may have air in the lines. To fix this problem open the bleed valve and cycle the pressure plate back and forth a few times. Always recheck your oil levels after doing this and re-tighten the bleed valve.

How does a log splitter control valve work?

In a typical log splitter, the operator places a log on the splitter, then shifts a directional valve to route fluid from the pump to the cap end of the hydraulic cylinder. The combined flow from both pumps extends the cylinder’s piston rapidly to reduce the time it takes to advance the wedge to the engage the log.

How do you bleed a log splitter?

But you can also follow these steps to bleed the air out:

  1. Please, put on your safety goggles.
  2. Turn the oil-filler plug counter-clockwise to remove the oil filling plug from a log splitter.
  3. Release the ram by rotating the release screw counter-clockwise.
  4. Now, replace the oil filling plug onto the splitter again.

Why does log splitter lose power?

Temperature could also be the culprit for loss of driving force, as hydraulic oil is more viscose in cold weather resulting in a weak response until the machine warms up. If it is not any of the above, then the log splitting machine may require a piston or pump replacement.

How does a hydraulic log splitter work?

Most log splitters use a hydraulic cylinder (like these) to push a cut piece of log into a sharpened wedge, which splits it. The cylinder is driven by hydraulic oil, under pressure, produced by a hydraulic pump. An engine, or electric motor, drives the pump shaft, and supplies the power for the system.

Where is the pressure relief valve on a log splitter?

A hydraulic relief valve controls the maximum pressure which can be created by the pump, and is a safety valve. It is usually located within the housing of the directional control valve.

Does a log splitter need level ground?

Check all • This splitter is designed to split wood when the I-beam is in the vertical position only. DO NOT use if I-beam is in any other position. Only operate your splitter on level ground.