What does a marbled murrelet look like?

What does a marbled murrelet look like?

Description. The marbled murrelet is a small (25 cm), chunky auk with a slender black bill. It has pointed wings and plumage that varies by season. The non-breeding plumage is typically white underneath with a black crown, nape, wings and back.

Is a marbled murrelet?

Marbled Murrelets are sea birds that live along the Pacific Coast from central California to Alaska and nest in old growth forests. Their nesting habits were the last of any bird in North America to be discovered.

Why is the marbled murrelet important?

The Marbled Murrelet plays an important role in both the marine and forested ecosystems. They are important members of the marine food web, and they also fertilize trees and moss in the forest.

What color is a marbled murrelet?

Breeding adults are warm brown above, mottled with brown and off-white below.

How big is a Marbled Murrelet?

7.8 ozMarbled murrelet / Mass

How deep can a Marbled Murrelet dive?

This murrelet forages by pursuit diving in relatively shallow waters, usually between 20 and 80 meters in depth. We have also observed it diving in waters less than 1 meter and more than 100 meters deep. The majority of birds are found as pairs or as singles in a band about 300 to 2000 meters from shore.

How big is a marbled murrelet?

Are marbled murrelet endangered?

Endangered (Population decreasing)Marbled murrelet / Conservation status

What does a Marbled Murrelet eat?

Marbled murrelets eat small fish, primarily herring, capelin, and sandlance in our area. They dive for food using their wings to propel them underwater. While no definitive study has determined their diving range, a similar species, the Cassin’s auklet, dives to 150 feet.

Are Marbled Murrelet endangered?

What does Marbled Murrelet eat?

Where do marbled murrelets live?

RANGE: Marbled murrelets are found along the Pacific Coast of North America from the Aleutian Archipelago and southern Alaska to central California just south of the San Francisco Bay. MIGRATION: Marbled murrelets are present near their breeding range year-round.

What does the Marbled Murrelet eat?

How many Marbled Murrelet are left in the world?

Marbled Murrelet populations are in decline, particularly in Washington, Oregon, and California. Partners in Flight estimates a global breeding population of 260,000, ranks the species a 15 out of 20 on the Continental Concern Score, and includes it on the Yellow Watch List for species in decline.

What do marbled murrelets eat?

Where are Marbled Murrelet found?

The marbled murrelet is found along a north Pacific arc from Kamchatka, Russia through the Aleutian Islands to Central California. In the summer, it occurs in protected bays and coves near old-growth forests. In the winter, it is found offshore.