What is Oracle support service number?

What is Oracle support service number?

(800) 392-2999Oracle Corporation / Customer service

How do I find Oracle support?

Go to the My Oracle Support website at support.oracle.com and sign in with your Oracle Account. If prompted, accept the My Oracle Support terms of use. From the logged-in user menu, click My Account. In the Support Identifiers section, click Request Access.

How do I contact Oracle Human Resources?

You can contact Oracle’s headquarters at +1 650-506-7000.

How do I engage supports in Oracle?

Use the Contact Us link to open a non-technical SR if you have issues creating your Service Request, questions about your SI or privileges, or to provide feedback to Oracle Support . You can also call the Support hub by dialing your local Support number: Oracle Support Contact .

What is Oracle technical support?

Oracle Support can provide exactly the support coverage you need for your business success. Whether your Oracle environment is on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid cloud, we provide end-to-end support and guidance—when, how, and where you need it.

What is included in Oracle support?

Oracle Premier Support provides essential software updates as well as new releases, proactive support tools, and 24/7 service. Access support-specific tools and resources and gain insight into best practices to help optimize your Oracle products and services. Take advantage of Oracle’s expertise and knowledge.

Is Oracle support account free?

A free Oracle Account lets you sign in to applications, communities, and more.

What is Oracle support MOS?

MOS (https://support.oracle.com) is your initial point of contact for all product support and training needs. A representative at Customer Access Support (CAS) can assist you with MOS registration.

What is Oracle HR helpdesk?

Oracle HR Help Desk is a scalable and unified service request management solution that makes it easy for employees to find answers without the risk of sensitive data getting into the wrong hands. Part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform.

What is HR help desk?

An HR help desk, sometimes known as HR service delivery software, is an essential tool in the move to manager self-service and employee self-service. It also lets HR professionals focus their attention on more mission-critical tasks like recruitment, employee engagement and retention.

How do I escalate a SR in Oracle support?

2. Call the Oracle Support HUB (24X7)

  1. Find the local Oracle Support HUB number to call at www.oracle.com/support/contact.html.
  2. for Germany: +49.180.2000.170.
  3. You may choose #1 for “Existing SR” and #2 to “Escalate your SR”

What does bringing management attention to your service request do?

What to expect after you request management attention to a service request. The support manager will review the service request and then develop an action plan to address your concerns and this will be recorded in the service request. The plan may include tasks for both you and for us.