What is a 1982 DeLorean worth?

What is a 1982 DeLorean worth?

1982 DeLorean DMC-12 Retail Prices

Trim MSRP CarGurus Instant Market Value
RWD $29,825 N/A

What is a DeLorean car worth today?

The average value of a DeLorean in #2 (Excellent) condition is $46,300, regardless of model year. That’s nearly double its #2 value of $24,200 in 2011. Prices have risen 7 percent in the last year, 42 percent in the last three years, and 50 percent in the last five.

How much is a DeLorean DMC-12 Worth?

A: The lowest recorded sale price was $8,100 for a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 Project on February 25 2020. Q: What is the average sale price of a DMC-12? A: The average price of a DMC-12 is $48,113.

What is a 1980 DeLorean worth?

In 1980, You Could Buy an $85,000, 24K-Gold-Plated DeLorean.

Are DeLoreans good cars?

Despite being a terrible car, the DeLorean is still highly sought after by collectors today, particularly those who grew up in the ’80s watching the Back to the Future movies. One reason for this is the design. The DeLorean was one of the last cars to have a wedge-shaped design, and it can still turn heads today.

How many gold plated DeLoreans were made?

A limited edition of no more than 100 DeLoreans, with 24-karat gold plating, were offered at $85,000 each. Only two were sold through this promotion. The story of how the cars came to be assembled is well documented in the DeLorean books “John Z the DeLorean and me…

Why was the DeLorean so slow?

It was slow. The DMC-12 was supposed to be lighter and more powerful than the production version turned out to be. The production car used a puny 140-horsepower V-6 engine from a Peugoet-Renault-Volvo joint venture which never delivered the performance promised by founder John Z.

What problems do DeLoreans have?

As a result, the DeLorean had many quality control issues. Some of the issues buyers had to deal with included failing electrical systems, batteries dying prematurely, instruments playing up, sticking throttles, incorrect wheel alignments, and leaking doors.

Are all DeLoreans silver?

There’s a reason all DeLoreans are silver. DeLorean wanted to build a car that was impervious to rust, so the DMC-12 is built with fiberglass panels overlaid by stainless steel so it can’t rust and never needs to be repainted.

Who owns the gold DeLorean?

What happened to the gold DeLorean DMC-12s? Those two golden DMC-12s were, unfortunately, the only two that were ever sold. One ended up in the National Transportation Museum in Reno while the other one was purchased by the Snyder Bank in Texas.