What powers does Cynder have?

What powers does Cynder have?

She has the ability to use the elements of Poison, Fear, Wind, and Shadow as her breath attacks, which were given to her in Dawn of the Dragon. Aether is also one of the abilities that was unwillingly bestowed upon her by Malefor.

Is Cynder evil in Skylanders?

Cynder quickly renounced her evil ways and vowed to fight for good. She even joined Spyro on a dangerous quest and came out smiling. Trusting Spyro’s judgement, Master Eon signed Cynder up to become one of the scariest Skylanders.

What are Spyro powers in Skylanders?

In Skylanders, Spyro has the ability to control all of the elements of the world of Skylands but prefers to use fire. He can harness nearby darkness, allowing him to become Dark Spyro.

Who is Spyros girlfriend?

Cynder is a black dragoness who appeared in The Legend of Spyro and is the primary love interest of the main character, Spyro. Originally a servant of The Dark Master, Cynder was defeated and freed by freed by Spyro.

Who is KAOS’s dad?

Eon, also known as Master Eon is one of the main supporting characters in Skylanders Academy. He is father of Kaos which was revealed in the last episode of Skylanders academy series 3.

What kind of dragon is Spyro?

The Purple Dragon
The Purple Dragon, including Spyro, is a rare species of dragon that can master more than one element other dragons can’t, and can even control time to a certain extent.

How old is Spyro?

24ySpyro / Age

What is Dark Spyro?

Dark Spyro is the dark counterpart of Spyro who comes with the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure and in a single pack in certain countries. He is currently the only variant to have a different catchphrase and moveset (3DS only) than his normal counterpart. He has a Series 3 Mega Ram counterpart.

Is Cynder Spyro’s sister?

Cynder is not related to Spyro!

How did Spyro become evil?

Dark Spyro is the evil counterpart of Spyro created after Strykore consumed Spyro’s light energy, corrupting him into this dark state. He made his debut in the Season 2 finale of Skylanders Academy, before becoming a main character in Season 3.