Who voices Frollo Disney?

Who voices Frollo Disney?

Tony Jay
Tony Jay made a villainous turn in The Hunchback of Notre Dame as Judge Claude Frollo, a man with little tolerance for those who are unlike him.

Who voiced Chairface Chippendale?

Tony JayChairface Chippendale / Voiced byTony Jay was a British actor.
A former member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, he was known for his voice work in radio, animation, film, and video games. Jay was particularly noted for his distinctive baritone voice, which often led to him being cast in villainous roles. Wikipedia

Who voiced Spiderus?

Tony JaySpiderus / Voiced byTony Jay was a British actor.

Who voiced megabyte in ReBoot?

Timothy E. BrummundReBoot: The Guardian Code
Tony JayReBootGigabyteReBoot
Megabyte/Voiced by

Does Frollo love Esmeralda?

It may be surprising for some to be told that Frollo is the only one among them to have truly loved Esmeralda: The common reading, in any case, is that Frollo only loved her for her body, that he only has the most licentious desire for her.

How old is Tony Jay?

73 years (1933–2006)Tony Jay / Age at death

Who is the voice of Jay in big mouth?

Jason MantzoukasJay Bilzerian / Voiced by

Who does the voice of Scar?

Jeremy IronsThe Lion King
Chiwetel EjioforThe Lion KingJim CummingsThe Lion King II: Simba’s PrideDavid OyelowoThe Lion Guard
Scar/Voiced by

Why did Disney change the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Disney and Michael Eisner, took a hands-off approach. “I was never told to stay away from this or that or ‘you can’t do this,’” he said. But the changes were ultimately made because the studio wanted to keep that G rating.

Why is Frollo so evil?

Aside from his political authority, Frollo is a religious zealot with intolerance for sinners. He believes Romani people (or “gypsies”, as he refers to them) to be the most heinous of all malefactors, and therefore dedicates twenty years of his life to eradicating them.