Is Stand By Me worth watching?

Is Stand By Me worth watching?

Without a doubt this movie is probably the best coming of age flick around, it has terrific acting and an incredibly touching plot that keeps you going throughout the whole film. I think the reason I love this film so much is because, everyone in some way could relate to it.

Is Siskel still alive?

February 20, 1999Gene Siskel / Date of death

What is the point of Stand By Me?

The plot of the movie is technically to find Ray Brower’s body beside the tacks, after all. The tracks represent the speed in which children become adults and that life becomes death and life again. They represent adolescence, and the journey from one stage of life to another.

Can a 13 year old watch Stand by Me?

What Parents Need to Know. Parents need to know that despite its high nostalgia factor and preteen stars, Stand by Me should by no means be considered a children’s movie.

Why is Stand by Me so sad?

Sadly, we learn Chris lost his life after getting stabbed to death when trying to break up a fight. Knowing the real-life fate of River Phoenix, the death of Chris is now quite poignant.

What was Roger Ebert’s illness?

Diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2002 and salivary gland cancer the following year, Ebert lost the ability to speak, drink and eat in 2006 following surgery for jaw cancer.

Do they show The Body in Stand By Me?

The film ends shortly after the boys find the body. After their run-in with Ace, where Gordie turns a gun on the cruel thug, they head home.

Why is Stand by Me rated R?

SINCE ”Stand by Me” is rated R, owing to all the dirty talk, unaccompanied children under 17 are not supposed to be admitted to the Coronet and the other theaters where it opens today.

Is Stand by Me scary?

Stand By Me is not ostensibly a horror film, instead referred to as a coming-of-age drama, but one of the defining emotions of the story is that of fear.

Did Chris and Gordie like each other?

Chris and Gordie are extremely close. While it is not gay or weak to be emotional around your friends, Chris and Gordie are seen to be a lot closer with each other than they are with Teddy and Vern.

What happened Gene Siskel?

Gene Siskel, the slighter, intense half of the popular Siskel and Ebert team of dueling movie reviewers, died yesterday at a hospital near his home in Chicago, two weeks after leaving the long-running syndicated television program for further recuperation from brain surgery last May.

What happened to Roger Eberts jaw?

Over his life, he was treated for salivary gland cancer, thyroid cancer and cancer of the jawbone. In 2006, Ebert lost his jaw and with it, his ability to talk, but he still kept up an unrelenting pace, reviewing more than 200 movies a year for the paper and keeping up an admired digital presence.

Do they show The Body in Stand by Me?

What age was River Phoenix when he died?

23 years (1970–1993)River Phoenix / Age at death
On October 31, 1993, the 23-year-old actor River Phoenix, who appeared in such films as Stand by Me and My Own Private Idaho, dies of a drug overdose outside a West Hollywood nightclub.