What happened to Wilma Rudolph as a child?

What happened to Wilma Rudolph as a child?

Rudolph had several early childhood illnesses, including pneumonia and scarlet fever, and she contracted infantile paralysis (caused by the poliovirus) at the age of five. She recovered from polio but lost strength in her left leg and foot.

What challenges did Wilma Rudolph face as a child?

Stricken with double pneumonia, scarlet fever and polio as a child, she had problems with her left leg and had to wear a brace. It was with great determination and the help of physical therapy that she was able to overcome her disabilities. My doctors told me I would never walk again.

Did Wilma Rudolph have polio as a child?

Wilma Rudolph was born prematurely and weighed just 4 ½ pounds. She was often sick as a child and at age 4, suffered from several ailments, including double pneumonia and scarlet fever. She contracted polio. Her left leg was paralyzed.

What happened to Wilma Rudolph when she was 4 years old?

Born prematurely on June 23, 1940, Rudolph only weighed 4.5 pounds at birth, causing her to spend much of her early years in bed. Eventually, she lost use of her left leg and was given a metal brace.

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When did Wilma Rudolph get rid of polio?

Wilma suffered additional polio attacks and also scarlet fever (which untreated can kill). But little by little, her health improved and the braces came off after age 12.

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