Do you get lounge access with Emirates Business Class?

Do you get lounge access with Emirates Business Class?

​​​​​​​Emirates Lounge access is exclusive to customers flying in First Class or Business Class. If you’re an Emirates Skywards Gold member traveling in Economy Class, you can enjoy access to our Business Class Lounges around the globe; Silver members can enter our Business Class Lounges in Dubai.

Are there showers in Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai?

Can I shower in the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai? Yes! And this is one of the big advantages of using the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai. The showers are plentiful (We have never needed to queue or wait to use one) and they’re beautifully presented too.

Can Business Class Emirates passengers pay to use First Class lounge?

Dine, unwind or catch up on business at Emirates Business Class lounges and Emirates First Class lounges for up to four hours before your flight. Lounge access is complimentary or discounted for you and your guest depending on your class of travel and your Emirates Skywards membership.

Can you sleep in Dubai business lounge?

With Private Suites in First Class, flat bed seats in Business Class and extra room throughout all of our cabins, you can enjoy total comfort.

Is the food in Emirates lounge free?

Treat yourself to a guilt-free snack Stay on track when you travel and savor wholesome food from our new Health Hub. There are fresh fruit selections, smoothies, and juices packed with natural goodness and superfoods.

How long can you stay in Business Class lounge?

In most airport lounges, you’re allowed to stay for 2-3 hours before departure or after landing. Some also offer extended stays for upwards of 5 hours. That said, these time limits are rarely enforced.

Can you sleep in Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai?

Is there a dress code for Emirates Business Class?

No dress code. Business class (seats and room) varies on the type of aircraft your flying. Interesting thought – it would be such a Dubai “thing” if there was – but no, not at all. In fact, you may be disappointed at some of the scruffy types you’ll find sitting alongside you.

How long can you stay in Emirates business lounge?

Do you get Pyjamas on Emirates Business Class?

Unfortunately, Emirates Business Class doesn’t offer pyjamas like their competing airlines. Nonetheless, business travellers are still supplied with all the necessary goods for a restful mile-high slumber. Noise cancelling headphones, a soft duvet, and earplugs to mitigate noisy foot traffic and chatty folks.