How can I be good at Udyr?

How can I be good at Udyr?

  1. Udyr is Strong. You are really good at securing objectives in the early game. Look to secure objectives whenever they’re up.
  2. Udyr is Strong. Continue to pick up and secure jungle camps whenever possible.
  3. Udyr is Weak. Look to take down the enemy carries.

Is UDYR good in league?

Udyr Build 12.10 ranks as an D-Tier pick for the Jungle role in Season 12. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 51.35% (Average), Pick Rate of 1.69% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.29% (Low).

Is Udyr a good champ?

Is UDYR good top?

General Top Udyr: Udyr is the master of sitting in lane and farming. He has great sustain with Turtle stance and can stun and run from ganks with his Bear stance. He is strongest against champions that rely on poke to win, such as Gangplank, since he can easily shield their damage with a well timed Turtle stance.

Is Udyr good in league?

Is Udyr good top?

What Lane is Udyr LoL?

What Lane Is Udyr? Due to the lane phase of this pick, it is commonly played in the Jungle position. This pick has yet to see any meaningful play in other lanes.

Who is the best UDYR player in the world?

Best Udyr players

# Summoner Winrate
1. Kolthro NA 73.9%
2. Kingg Oblivion LAN 76.4%
3. JasonRJ BR 92.2%
4. Chill as Buddha BR 73.8%

Who’s the best Volibear player?

How are players ranked?

# Summoner Winrate
1. wDAudrey NA (#1) Master 75.4%
2. SĂȘal EUW (#2) GrandMaster 76.6%
3. AXEL HATE LANERS EUW (#3) Master 70.5%
4. The Cruel Angel EUW (#4) Master 73.1%