How many levels are there in LEGO Batman 2?

How many levels are there in LEGO Batman 2?

The game does become a bit of a grind for the completion, but all the information you will need is displayed in a user-friendly fashion. We will start off with the story. Complete all 15 levels before doing anything else. This is advised, as you will unlock some important characters during the story.

What level is the next president in LEGO Batman 2?

This is the walkthrough page for the mission The Next President. It is part 12 of our story walkthrough for LEGO Batman 2 featuring Lex Luthor, Superman, Robin and Batman as they try to take out Mr. Luthor’s mind control device.

How long is the Lego Batman 2 story mode?

9 hours
The game takes approximately 15 hours to complete, with the main missions taking 9 hours and the various extras taking 6 hours.

Where are the Minikits in Lego Batman 2?

Lego Batman 2 Minikits Locations

  1. Level 1: Theatrical Pursuits.
  2. Level 2: Harboring a Criminal.
  3. Level 3: Arkham Asylum Antics.
  4. Level 4: Asylum Assignment.
  5. Level 5: Chemical Crisis.
  6. Level 6: Chemical Signature.
  7. Level 7: Unwelcome Guests.
  8. Level 8: Destination Metropolis.

Is LEGO Batman 2 a good game?

Lego Batman 2: DC Heroes isn’t groundbreaking but it is consistently fun, and while it might not take top honours for best Batman game of all time (that belt is still held by Batman: Arkham City), it’s easily the best Lego game we’ve seen in years.

Who can destroy silver LEGO Batman 2?


Character Abilities/Objects
Bane Super-strength
Batgirl Batarang Grapple Martial Arts Expert
Batman Batarang Grapple Martial Arts Expert Glide(handheld only)
Batman (Power suit) Launch rockets(Destroy silver LEGO bricks) Super strength

Is Batman 2 for kids?

This game is a bit like Grand Theft Auto(but this for kids) because you can use cars like the Batmobile and you can run over innocent people, this is more appropriate for kids and Grand Theft Auto is inappropriate. There is animated violence in this game. This game is recommended for kids ages 6 years and older.

What does beep beep do in LEGO Batman 2?

Beep Beep is an extra that allows your vehicle to honk.

What are the codes for Lego Batman 2?

Unlock Codes

  • 9ZZZBP – Clown Goon.
  • W49CSJ – Lexbot.
  • ZQA8MK – Mime Goon.
  • V9SAGT – Policeman.
  • Q285LK – Riddler Goon.
  • 95KPYJ – Two-Face Goon.
  • C79LVH – Harley Quinn’s Motorbike.