Is Olacabs profitable?

Is Olacabs profitable?

Ride-hailing firm Ola has reported its first operating profit of Rs 89.82 crore for 2020-21, even as its revenue declined 65 per cent to Rs 689.61 crore amid Covid-19 induced lockdowns.

Is there AC in Ola mini?

Book AC Cabs at hourly packages Choose from Mini, Prime, SUV or Lux to suit your travel requirements and a chauffeur-driven AC cab will be at your disposal. To Start Travelling with Ola Rentals: Open the Ola app.

Is Ola Mini 4 seater?

Micro and Mini can seat upto 4 passengers and can accommodate up to 2-3 small size bags. Prime Sedan can seat upto 4 passengers and can accommodate up to 3-4 medium size bags or 2 large bags.

Which car comes in Ola mini?

Ola mini will offer hatchbacks such as Tata Indica Vista and Ford Figo at ₹ 13 per kilometre with a base fare of ₹ 100 for the first six kilometres.

Is Ola bike profitable?

He earns around Rs 1200 per day which includes Rs 800 as an online payment and Rs 400 as cash.

Is AC banned in Uber?

“Uber does not levy extra charges for switching on the AC during a ride and any driver who is charging such fee will face action from the company for violating our community guidelines. Uber expects drivers on its platform to keep the car AC switched on during a ride.

Is Ola mini without AC?

We don’t have Non-AC cabs in our fleet. Please share the CRN, let us get this checked. driver of CRN224042569 says no AC for mini.

How can I book Ola for 3 members?

To book an Ola Share all you would need to do is login to you Ola cabs account and choose Ola Share. Enter your pickup and drop locations and click on ‘Ride Now’. Before confirming the booking you would need to choose the number of seats that you would wish to book.

Can 3 people travel to Ola auto?

Compact yet comfortable AC cars that seat up to 3 people and give you great value for your money.

What is Uber mini?

UberMini is exactly what you’d imagine – an Uber ride in a supermini car! With a mix of hatchback mini cars from a variety of brands, you can enjoy an even more cost-efficient ride in a classic, reliable car.

How old car can be used in Ola?

What age vehicles do you accept? We accept any vehicle that is under 10 years old, has 4 doors and seats a minimum of 5 (including the driver).