What has happened to Lightwater Valley?

What has happened to Lightwater Valley?

One of the regions most popular theme parks has ditched its biggest rides under a rebrand. Lightwater Valley, about an hour’s drive from central Teesside, near Ripon in North Yorkshire, is now listed as a family adventure park and has taken out its larger thrill rides.

Why is The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley closed?

The Ultimate did not operate for the 2020 and 2021 seasons, and will not operate in the 2022 season. This is partly down to the COVID-19 pandemic but also due to the park’s shift to a target age group of Under 12s.

How much is Lightwater Valley Worth?

In June 2021, the park was sold to The Brighton Pier Group for £5 million.

What age is Lightwater Valley for?

Lightwater Valley is near Ripon in North Yorkshire. It has around 35 rides and attractions and is a theme park for younger families (more suited to children age 9 and under).

Is the eagle’s claw still at Lightwater Valley?

The Eagle’s Claw was closed during July 2017, following a fatal accident on a similar ride in the US. It reopened the following month following safety checks. The ride was confirmed to be leaving the park for the 2021 season due to a shift to the family market.

Can you use blue light card Lightwater Valley?

Yes! We offer discounted entry to NHS, Military, Emergency Service, Blue Light Card and Max Card holders. The discount is for the card holder, and up to four guests. Simply book your tickets online and bring your work ID/accompanying card with you on the day of your visit.

When was Lightwater Valley built?

1969Lightwater Valley Family Adventure Park / Opened

Is Lightwater Valley for under 12?

All our rides and attractions are now tailored to the under 12’s. Please make sure that you familiarise yourself with these changes before coming to the park.

Did Amanda Staveley own Lightwater Valley?

In 1996, Robert Staveley decided to hand the park to his children, Amanda and James. The park was managed by James and Amanda until 1997 when Queensborough Holdings purchased the park for £5.6 million.