What kind of wire do you use for marine speakers?

What kind of wire do you use for marine speakers?

Marine grade speaker wiring made simple, just use out high quality marine duplex wiring with it’s fine stranded tin plated copper to resist corrosion and the added benefit of an overall jacket for added protection….Speaker Wire Marine Grade.

Speaker Impedance 8 Ohm 4 Ohm
16 AWG 20 10
14 AWG 35 18
12 AWG 60 30
10 AWG 100 50

What makes marine wire different?

Beyond being tinned, marine cable is larger than say automotive cable at the same size. So, 6 AWG marine cable contains more copper than 6 AWG automotive cable. The more copper, the better the current carrying capacity of the cable. Marine cable also carries a pliable and durable PVC jacket.

Can I use regular speaker wire on a boat?

Bottom line: Speaker wire will work. Use it if you want. It’s your boat.

What is marine grade electrical wire?

Well being marine grade means the power cable or speaker wire has been treated with a coating to prevent oxidation, usually tin. Tinned copper will not tarnish or oxidize like bare copper.

Do you need tinned wire for Marine?

Marine wire does not have to be tinned but the better quality wires are. Marine wire has to have more and finer strands for flexibility compared to ordinary wires such as used in the automotive industry. It also has oil resistant and higher temperature rated insulation.

What type of wire is used for boats?

In general, wiring on boats should be of the stranded type, not solid copper wire used in household applications, which does not withstand the vibration found onboard a boat.

Do you need to use marine grade wire?

In general, automotive wire can be used on boats, assuming that it is SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) J378, J1127 or J1128 rated, but it is not recommended. Marine-specific wire is unique in a few ways. Most importantly, marine wire is larger for a given gauge size, up to 12% larger in some sizes.

Can you use a marine stereo in a car?

Yes, you can install a marine amp in your car, truck, or motorcycle! As a matter of fact, they actually offer some great installation options you might not have otherwise!

Why is marine cable tinned?

These tinned copper cables are far more resistant to corrosion compared to standard copper cables, which is why they are so important in moist environments.

What size wire should I use on my boat?

The ABYC recommends wire conductors of at least 16-AWG (gauge) for lights and other similar equipment. That’s minimum, and heavier gauge isn’t much more expensive — and generally no more trouble to install. We suggest you use 12- or 14-AWG to minimize your voltage drops, or more if the manufacturer suggests it.

How many amps does a marine radio draw?

Equipment Amps Hours Used
Marine Stereo 2.5 2
Pressure Water 2.5 0.1
Electric Refrigerator 4.5 10