How do you identify Alencon lace?

How do you identify Alencon lace?

Alençon lace is created by outlining the details in the underlying lace pattern. The heavier thread (or cord) used gives the elements a raised edge which accentuates the pretty details. Alençon is easily recognized because of its three-dimensional look.

What is French Alencon lace?

Alençon – A fine, needle-point lace, so called from Alençon, a French city, in which its manufacture was first begun. It is the only French lace not made upon the pillow, the work being done entirely by hand, with a fine needle, upon a parchment pattern in small pieces.

How is Alençon lace made?

Alençon Lace Technique Its process comprises a number of successive stages: drawing and pricking of the design on parchment, creating the outline of the design and the background netting, then the stitching of the patterns, shading with filling stitches, decorating with designs, and embroidering to create relief.

Is French lace expensive?

It is an all-time favourite when it comes to dressmaking and is more affordable than it used to be. Still, there are luxury laces – with unique patterns, high quality decorative elements and lots of handwork – and they are quite expensive.

What is Alencon lace used for?

Imported from France, this romantic yet classic all-over floral alencon (re-embroidered chantilly) lace design is commonly used on upscale designer bridal gowns. Alencon lace is delicate yet durable enough to withstand beading and shaping beautifully.

What is the meaning of Alencon?

Definition of alençon : a delicate needlepoint lace.

What is Venise lace?

Definition of Venise lace 1 : venetian point. 2 : a machine-made imitation of Venetian point made by the burnt-out process.

What is Lyon lace?

LYON LACE is the “creme de la creme” of all lace. Lyon Lace is actually produced on different looms than our Leavers looms – the looms are over 150+ years old and only 3 remain in existence. These looms move slower, yet can handle patterns that cannot be produced on any other loom.